Kay’s Komments Background

I started blogging in early 2010 when my mother could no longer live alone but I had been journaling for years. As I traveled each week for business, I wrote about my trip, the job, the people I met, and places I saw. I love to write. No, that’s not correct. I have always loved to use a pen and write. I love documenting how I feel about what has happened to me and I love the act of creating something attractive like cursive writing, that can be passed down to others, and that needs no electricity to view. It makes me analyze what has happened throughout my day and come to terms with it. It makes me think differently at night than I did during the day. Writing has always been something I had control over when I had control of nothing else. It has been my therapist for a long time.

Nonnie’s Notes were published on my Facebook page and emailed to friends and family almost daily. I selfishly started it just to let everyone know what was happening with Nonnie and to cut down on the number of phone calls. Instead of writing in my journal every night, I wrote Nonnie’s Notes. I ended up discussing so much more than just Nonnie and her condition, including my thoughts and feelings, how I was dealing with the whole process, and what I was learning as we went along that journey.

Both friends and family have contacted me about continuing Nonnie Notes. I just can’t do that. That part of my journey is over. I now continue that journey without my mom. I will miss her. I will bitch when she is not here to see an event I know she would’ve enjoyed. I will try to be a steward of her legacy and heritage. But there will not be any more Nonnie’s Notes. From now on, Kay’s Komments will be my blog and journal. I hope you enjoy!

Note: I hope to put Nonnie’s Notes into a book for caregivers and family members of those facing an imminent death. I will post updates here on the progress I am making.

3 responses to “Kay’s Komments Background

  1. Gus Thomasson

    I love the way you express yourself, Kay. I so look forward to reading them in the future. One little comment on your stewardship. My life’s experience has taught me that there is no trying allowed in life. Trying leaves an out. You Do or you Don’t Do. You, Ms Kay are a Doer!
    Much Love

  2. Bob and I loved your Nonnie Notes and looked forward reading them and also the photos you sent.
    We enjoyed your mother so much and felt we knew her very well even tho we just traveled with her maybe once a year.
    You are a wonderful writer and keep it up

  3. Kay, You write beautifully and I could almost put myself in your place while reading Nonnie Notes.
    I look forward to “hearing” more from you, and I promise, if I am ever in your area I will get in touch and will look forward to meeting you in person.