I HATE shopping!

I went shopping the other day.  That doesn’t sound like such a big deal, does it?  But it is for me.  I HATE shopping, especially for clothes!  I needed a nice pair of jeans and decided that I was going to splurge and go to a department store instead of a discount store of some kind.  This department store in Denton is not that big.  It’s only one floor and Women’s clothes take up less than half of it but I didn’t know where to start.  The employees must have thought I was an idiot or that I was staking out the store for a heist!  I kept walking around in circles, just looking at all the clothes, with no idea what to do.  I did find a beautiful maroon summer blouse, very feminine and pretty, but otherwise I felt lost.  Who knew there were so many different brands of jeans and, within those brands, different styles. 

What did I want?  What would look best on me?  What could I afford?  Did I want basic blue or black or some other color?  What shade of blue/black/other?  Dark or light?  Low or high or medium rise?  Slim, straight, or relaxed fit?  Boot cut, straight, flared, or skinny?  Regular or stretch …and what are jeggings???  Regular or petite?  It’s only a pair of jeans, for goodness’ sake!  Did I REALLY need a new nice pair of jeans at all?  Should I just go home?

Ok, stop, take a deep breath.  What did I buy last time?  Cheap, that’s what I bought.  I had picked a discount store where the selection was limited so I didn’t have to make all these decisions.  What to do, what to do!  Let’s analyze.  Is 5’4” petite?  Probably.  I think of it as Short but they probably call it Petite.  Let’s start in that section.  Thankfully, it’s a small area.

Now, what color?  Either black or dark blue for nice jeans.  Skinny jeans?  Naw, that only works if you have skinny legs, which I don’t.  They aren’t fat, but they aren’t skinny either.  Ok, boot cut would give a nice silhouette and a nice curve.  It would go over athletic shoes, boots, and would look cool with heels.  Yeah, right, like I ever wear heels anymore.  I might!  Whatever.

Ok, now rise.  Low rise is what I call hip-huggers, I think.  I’m not 19 anymore and wouldn’t feel comfortable at all in those.  Medium rise might help hold in my tummy better, so medium rise or high rise.  Ok, that narrows it down to regular or stretch.  Let’s try one of each.  That narrowed it down, since there were only dark blue jeans with that specific configuration and I couldn’t find high rise at all.

Oh my goodness!  Both regular and stretch fit and look good but after getting about half-way down in a squat, I decided I would prefer to be able to breathe than to hold everything in THAT much!  Fantastic!  I had a new, dark blue, boot cut, medium rise, stretch jeans. 

It took an hour and a half to decide upon one pair of jeans and a summer shirt.  Sheesh!  Whoever said that women were natural-born shoppers were definitely, 100% incorrect!  This is work and is still not something I enjoy but maybe that will come with practice.  I hope so or I will be sending my daughter Kim to do my shopping for me.  Don’t even think I’m kidding about that either! 


3 responses to “I HATE shopping!

  1. This is so, so true. I know I’m sounding like an old-foggie but we have WAY, WAY too many choices today. I’d prefer less choices, and even less of those to be from China.

  2. Sandy Crowley

    I HATE to shop, too. I’m a hunter. I know exactly what I want. The problem is stores seldom have exactly what I want–functional, durable, inexpensive, with pockets that hold more than a tissue. So, I compromise, which is my polite euphymism for dithering. My dream is independent wealth to support a housekeeper, chef, and personal shopper enabling me to work and play in peace.

  3. Hey – wait a minute – WHAT?? I’m laughing through the whole post – and then BAM! Send ME? I’m a nightmare shopper most of the time. Grumpy – nothing looks right – nothing feels right – they want HOW much money for a top that doesn’t even have SLEEVES?!?!?!?!

    But – okay – get me on a day when I “feel” it – and you’re on. We’ll have a blast. Sadly, I’m just unable to pinpoint when those days happen. Usually, Bobby and I are already at the mall for one specific thing – and then I look at him and say “uh oh” … and he knows he’s doomed to sitting in the “husband” section while I come out of the dressing room 47 times saying “how about this?”

    We’ll figure it out …