1977 - Kay at belly-dancing recital

“She’s a little less saucy version of her mother, from what I’ve seen, your honor,” the attorney joked.  This, I think, was my favorite comment at the probate hearing yesterday but thankfully it was not on the record.  A little less saucy version, huh?  In a lot of ways, that is probably true but I’m not sure that some of the people I’ve worked with would totally agree with that statement.

In team meetings, when the group is asked for comments, I can usually be depended upon to open the floor with some retort, if no one else will, in order to get everyone talking.  I’ll give others the opportunity to start the conversation first but, even if I have to play devil’s advocate, I’ve never been shy about breaking any silence in a meeting. 

Once, when everyone was tired of a long, boring, very serious meeting, the grumpy speaker asked if there were any questions.  I looked around the table at everyone else staring everywhere but at the speaker, frowned and smarted off, “Yeah, can we PLEASE go to the bathroom now?”  After some laughter, the speaker grinned and agreed that maybe it was time for a break. All of us ran for the coffee machine!  Well, except for the pregnant woman, who really did run for the restroom.

I always seem to surprise people with the things that I do.  For example, I took up belly dancing years ago, before the age of 30, mind you, and actually danced at a going-away party in our office for one of our managers.  No, I did not get any dollar bills in my costume but everyone thoroughly enjoyed watching the manager blush as he sat in a lone chair in the middle of the room.  Nowadays, that probably would be construed as sexual harassment but almost 30 years ago, we were just having a party with entertainment and the term politically incorrect was unknown to us.

In November last year, at our global team get-together at a fancy resort in Miami, our manager won a major award at our fancy final dinner.  After the festivities were concluded, some in our group decided to throw our manager in the hotel swimming pool to celebrate and then jumped in with him.  They beckoned to the rest of us to join them and when no one else would, I put my jewelry in my purse and dove in with the others.  In the computer software consulting world, I’m used to being one of the few women on my team and usually I am treated like one of the guys.  But when one of those guys afterwards indicated surprise that I had actually joined them in the pool, I whipped around to face him, hand on hip, and told him that I was a team player, that if everyone else on my team was jumping into the pool like idiots, I was not about to be left out of the fun.  The sad part is that I had only had one glass of champagne all night.  Now I wish I had imbibed more so I could blame my lack of restraint on that!

I’m sure there are many other examples, and I’m equally sure that I will hear about quite a few of them tomorrow, but my attorney was correct.  I am not, nor will I ever be, as saucy, brash, and blunt as Nonnie was, but I’m not as sweet and shy as I may seem to be either.

2 responses to “Saucy!

  1. I never noticed your reticence to participate! The belly dancing was a bit of a surprise, but the singing at various clubs later in life was totally understandable…and a joy to me!

  2. You-shy???