Eat, Pray, and Love

Eat Pray Love. This movie is indeed a chick flick and I absolutely loved it! Now I have to read the book because I figure that there is so much more of an in-depth discussion of what the character learned in her search. As someone who has had a rough time the last few years, I can understand the soul-searching she must’ve done and how hard it is to forgive yourself. Besides, I want to read more about how Elizabeth Gilbert dealt with her life. Yes, this book is a memoir and that is always more interesting to me than fiction.

The more that we learn about our world, the more, I think, we learn how to deal with it and our place in it. Reading gives us different viewpoints of events, even in fiction, and teaches us that, although we are all different, we somehow are all the same in a lot of basic ways. I have traveled all over the U.S. Accents and faces may be different but I have met the same people in every location; good people, jerks, comedians, egocentric people, the homeless, the rich, takers, workaholics, lazy people, users, those hiding behind masks, those who show everything they feel on their faces, angels. Yet we all love. We all hurt. We all doubt and have insecurities. We all want the best for our loved ones and ourselves. We all have flaws. And none of us knows everything the others are going through or why they are the way they are.

That harried waitress, worried about paying her bills, may just need an honest smile and a pat on the hand to make her stop and actually see you. That crazy man ranting on the commuter train, the one everyone is afraid to go near, could be a decorated veteran of Viet Nam and seen atrocities that you can only imagine. That shell-shocked woman walking down the street may have just lost the only job she’s had in the last 20 years. That disheveled old man being made fun of by teens may have lost his wife and doesn’t care that those green striped pants just don’t go with that bright orange plaid shirt. That confused old woman may have Alzheimer’s and may not remember how to use that cell phone she’s holding, desperately trying to call someone to tell them she’s lost and scared.

Reading opens up the world to us, giving us a more in-depth look at what is going on emotionally and at the attitudes of people in other countries and cultures. Movies are great and show us the world we’ve never seen but reading gives our imaginations the opportunity to put our own faces on the characters and the time to fill in blanks the author left out. Reading helps us deal with our own problems and life in general and teaches us that we are really not alone, that others have had the same problems we do. They have obviously lived through it and there is hope for us doing the same. Never give up reading. Even in Eat Pray Love, the character reads from the pages of the book because not everything can be visual, even in this YouTube world of ours.


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