OMG! I’m a Landlord!

When I inherited the old Meadows Building, I thought “How hard can this be?”  There are only 3 tenants in the entire building and as long as they have electricity and water, what more do they need?  Man, was I wrong!

First lick out of the bucket, it rained.  Oops, there’s a leak in one area.  Nothing in the store was damaged and they put a bucket under it to catch the water.  Thankfully, my mom had a maintenance man who took care of all that and I just had to call him to get it fixed.  Ok, I can handle this.

Then I went down there to look in Nonnie’s old office and the mini-museum she kept.  What a mess!!!  It looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in years!  Ok, months, but you know what I’m talking about, right?  Cobwebs in the corners, a layer of dust so thick you couldn’t tell the color of the item, and dust-bunnies everywhere.  Shoot, I was afraid to set my Starbucks coffee cup down on her desk.  Ewwwww!  It wasn’t that Nonnie didn’t take care of anything.  She just hadn’t taken care of anything since she started losing her mind, little by little, to dementia.  The first order of business?  Get Sonia, our cleaning lady, on site as fast as possible.  This endeavor took a few days to complete because after Sonia cleaned something, it made everything else around it look like crap!  She had difficulty finding a place to stop for the day because she wanted to keep going.

When Sonia started cleaning the restrooms, the first thing she did was to open the ceiling vent to clean it.  Geez!  After she did that, she had to sanitize the toilets because of all the crud that fell out of those vents!  I can’t remember for sure, but I think the restrooms were constructed in the late 1980’s and I’m sure they have never been cleaned out.  Well, they are clean now and they will stay clean because Sonia will be cleaning them every 2 weeks.

Then the roof caved in after a rain storm.  Ok, it was only in one area, but now I have to get the roof totally redone.  I could have the area patched but the roof doesn’t need yet another patch.  It needs to be fixed!  The maintenance man got a bid of over $15,000.  It’s a flat roof so it’s not quite so easy to seal against the elements.  Then a tenant’s husband is a roofer, so I got a bid from him.  About $8,000.  Hmmm, they both seem to be doing the same thing to the roof so which one do I take?  The maintenance man’s roofer is known for his work on flat roofs in Denton, 7 miles away.  That’s great!  The tenant’s husband, however, is a local resident, is known in the Dallas area as doing a great job on flat roofs, AND he has a top rating with the Better Business Bureau in Dallas.  Sheesh!  Now I need to get with the tenant’s husband and drill him on why he’s so much cheaper than the other company.  I bet this would a lot easier if I knew something, anything, about roofing, don’t you think? 

The latest thing now is that we need a sign stating that parking is for the Meadows Building only.  Next door is the old bank building, which has been renovated into a cute store.  That’s great but they don’t have a lot of parking and shoppers seem to think parking behind our store works just fine.  It doesn’t.  We don’t have that much parking since the city won’t let us park in front of the Meadows Building anymore.  So what if it’s in the highway right-of-way?  People have been parking there since the 1930’s!  It still looks like you should be able to park there, but don’t!  The police department is on the other side of the Meadows Building and they do give tickets.

So, I need a parking sign.  I have a slow drain in one sink and just a trickle of water in the sink in Nonnie’s office, not to mention all the normal supplies I need for the bathroom.  I need to replace a ceiling light and tiles in one room and, in another room, the ceiling tiles that fell in when the roof caved in.  But I can’t do that until I get the roof fixed.  OMG!  I’m a landlord!!!  Nonnie!!!  Come back here, darn it!


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