I HATE Shopping Update

Ok, now my kids are jumping on the bandwagon on my issue of shopping. My son Drake, prior to reading my I HATE Shopping post, was actually looking forward to buying a new pair of jeans and thought going to a department store might be nice for a change. After reading the post, he decided maybe he would go back where there were fewer choices. Or maybe he would call his sister Kim to do his shopping also. Now that sounded even better to him, at least until I told him Kim’s reaction to the post.

I found out that Kim actually hates shopping also and was laughing hysterically while reading until she got to the last 2 lines. I don’t think she appreciated my approach of using her as a backup if I got flustered again on a shopping trip. She does it so well that I just assumed she enjoyed it but nay, not so. She only enjoys it if she is “in the mood” and she never knows when that will happen. Usually it doesn’t happen until she and her husband Bob are forced to go out shopping, whether for a present or an event they are attending. At some point, she will turn to Bob and smile sweetly. I think he must know at that point that it’s going to be a LONG day of shopping. Hmmmm. Since I can’t anticipate when that will happen, I’m not sure how this will work for my benefit.

Oh, but Drake had a ready solution for my dilemma. Whenever the mood strikes Kim, she is to immediately call him and he will meet her, whenever, wherever. Well, maybe she will forget to call him or maybe she will be selfish and not want to share her shopping mood with him. He has that covered also. He’s going to tell Bob to call him and he will come “relieve” Bob at the store, giving Bob to go play golf or play with their dog or even clean the house! Not a bad idea, son! I just may use that approach myself. Kim, I would watch out if, in the middle of a shopping trip, Bob suddenly has to make a phone call. You never know what you might be in for after that, but since I love your taste in clothes, it’ll be good for me, no matter how many outfits I have to watch you try on!


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