I’m a List-Maker and Proud of it!

I make lists, lots of lists, so I don’t forget anything.  I make lists for the grocery store.  I make to-do lists every day.  I make lists of bills I need to pay, of bank CDs that are coming due to mature, and of what to pack for a trip.  I make lists of things I need to look up on the Internet, especially maps before going on a trip.  I make lists of what I need to talk to the doctor about, when and what to do before I go in for a medical procedure, and what I want the vet to do during my dogs’ annual checkups, which usually isn’t everything they want to do, by any means.  I make lists of EVERYTHING!  Sometimes I even use those lists, but sometimes I forget I’ve even made a list.

I am usually so good at making a list of addresses for where I’m flying into, where I’m staying, where I’m working that week, the nearest restaurants to the hotel and office, and the nearest discount store, just in case I have forgotten something.  Then I go to the Internet and print maps of each of those places and directions from one to another, just in case I don’t have access to the Internet and get lost.  I will also make a list of things I really want to see in that area and do a little research before I leave, including maps and directions.  All of this I pack in my briefcase so that I have it with me at all times during my trip.  Did I mention I hate getting lost?

The one time that I forgot to make all of these lists, I really didn’t worry about it because I wasn’t renting a car and would be riding with someone who had been to this job site many times before in the past month.  He would know where the hotel and office are, right?  Since it was a guy, I figured he would know the closest restaurants.  Man, did I foul up!  He couldn’t get us from the airport to the hotel using the Interstate!  We had to call the hotel for the correct exit.  And when he hesitated the next morning pulling out of the hotel parking lot to go to the office, I knew I had really messed up!  How can you work at an office for a month and STILL get lost?  Honestly!  Since then, I’ve been very conscientious about my lists and my maps.

It’s not that I’m forgetful.  I just want to be prepared.  I don’t want to have to go back to the store for milk, especially since I usually didn’t want to go to the store in the first place.  I hate coming home from a trip with only 2 special dog treats when I have 3 dogs.  Not a wise move, believe me, and they know when I have forgotten one of them!  Now the goats, Bob and Willow, don’t care and all Fred the turtle thinks about is the next feeding time, but that’s a totally different story.  Ok, wait, what was I talking about again?  Oh yeah, lists.  I make a lot of them and it is great how much they help keep me on track and on schedule…well, most of the time.


2 responses to “I’m a List-Maker and Proud of it!

  1. Linda Genung

    Did you learn this from Yvonne???? Remember her maps on the barge, and the notes she made to go with them. What treasures of memories they were for her of each trip. She always said, she always needed to know where she was all the time!

    • Of course, Linda. Nonnie was a great teacher and I learned well, believe me! I don’t do this but she had stacks of scrapbooks that she made, not just for her barge trips, but for the city of Argyle, the Graham-Argyle Cemetery, Denton County, her friends and family each year. I have no clue what to do with these scrapbooks, except to put them in the little Argyle-Argyll Museum that she started years ago and to make them available for researchers. It would take quite an effort to codify them all, much less to index what is in each one but what a treasure they are!