A Procrastinating Sunday

This has been an easy day but then, Sundays usually are nowadays.  Stay at home, rest, and straighten what I feel like straightening up around the house.  I sure like these days, especially on days that are over 100 degrees F.  Even as far north as Dallas and Fort Worth, August is just miserable!  I think from now on, I’m going to just leave the state during the entire month of August every year!  A great many Texans go to Colorado or New Mexico during the summer and I love Ruidoso.  It is close, we could drive there, and the mountains are beautiful, but the chance of running into someone I know is pretty good.  I would love to go to Chicago but summer is not the time to visit.  After listening to the sports reporters, maybe Oxnard, CA, would be the perfect place?

My husband Ed likes Seattle and that would be nice.  There are a lot of things to do there and you’re close to Canada, the mountains and the ocean.  The temperature in August ranges from a low of mid-50’s to a high of mid-70’s.  I’m not a big sun-worshipper so that would work for me.  You are looking at between $1,750 and $3,000 a month for a place to stay plus $850 for a rental car.  Hmmm.

I love Boston and that would be nice also, from a low of mid-60’s and a high of about 80 F, but rent would be overwhelming at around $4600 a month plus over $1,000 for a rental car.  Ok, forget Boston proper but outside the city might be worth checking out.  We could always take the train into Boston.   Massachusetts or even Maine might work and everything is so much closer to each other than down here in Texas.

Edinburgh has a lot to do and a low from about 50 to a high of 65 F.  Unfortunately, I wouldn’t want to stay just in Edinburgh and summer is not the time to visit London.  Could we spend a month traveling around Scotland?  I bet we could.  Well, I know I could.  Yet if I go all that way on a vacation, I need to go to London and Plymouth.  Ok, maybe not the UK in the summer.

Ed has always wanted to go to Australia or New Zealand and at one time, long ago, we considered emigrating to New Zealand.  Auckland, New Zealand, would NOT be a good place in August since it is their winter and you need to pack winter clothes.  With a low of about 45 and a high of only 60, that wouldn’t be bad but I would also want to go to some of the other cities, such as Queenstown and you’re getting down to freezing at night and only to 50 F during the day.  I am not getting away from the heat just to go get cold somewhere else.

Ok, why am I puzzling over something that we probably won’t even do?  Because it’s Sunday and I really don’t want to go straighten my closet today.  Once I get started, I tend to keep working until I get it completed.  Gee whiz, it’s now 7:40 pm.  Oh, my, there is definitely not enough time for that today.  Maybe I’ll go play some bingo on Facebook and talk with my Bingo-Buddies.  That sounds like much more fun to me.  Bingo, here I come!


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  1. Hey, rethink that NZ thing!