I have spent the day working on corralling some of the information needed for the attorney and CPA handling Nonnie’s will and taxes.  Now, I’m sitting outside of Nonnie’s house enjoying the cool breeze over the pool, listening to some romantic, soothing songs.  Little SoLow has now calmed down enough to lie at my feet and snooze, her head resting on the top of my foot.  I’m watching the cows either graze under the huge pecan tree, which must be 175 years old, or slurp water out of the horse trough behind me.  The sun has set but the sky is still light with beautiful pale orange, wispy clouds just floating there, not really moving much at all. 

 I gaze down the hill where the mesquite trees used to be.  Yes, they have started working on the 22 million gallon “pond” and the water lines to carry the water to various well sites.  Right now it looks a bit rough but when they are done with it, I can envision a rolling field of lush, green grass in front of and to the east of the house.  I can see fat cows resting amid the grass while their calves run just for the fun of running before they must settle down for the night.  There are lots of Canadian geese nestled by the water.  What a wonderful, peaceful place that will be when all the construction is done and the workers are gone.  I really look forward to that day. 

Gee, all I need is a rocking chair on the front porch, huh?  Yes, I’m so looking forward to some peace and quiet.  Right now, there is very little of that.  It’s not like I am swamped with work.  It’s not that I couldn’t take a day off, if I wanted to.  I just don’t want to, not until we get everything done and there is no one else I need to meet with, to fill out forms for, or to call for information.  On the other hand, this life is so different from the life I have led for the past 20 years.  I was always traveling somewhere, working with many different customers, and trying to please everyone.  Make it right for the customer; make it right for my employer; it was a balancing act in a way.  I’m not on Barge-Time yet but I am definitely moving slower than I used to.

Then I open my eyes and look at the TV.  The Rangers are ahead of the Twins, 3 to 2.  Ed is sitting on the couch reading today’s paper.  We, the dogs, the goats, and the turtle have been fed and are totally sated and lazy.  No, I’m really not at Nonnie’s house.  I’m sitting at my desk, taking a minor break from reality and daydreaming a little, taking deep breaths and trying to relax my shoulders.  It’s a mini-vacation that always puts a smile on my face and soothes my soul.  Now I can go back to filing and trying to organize my desk and … COME ON, MURPHY, ADD A FEW MORE RUNS JUST TO PAD THE SCO…  Sigh, he hit a pop fly and the inning is over.  Oh, well, I guess I need to take the headphones off and actually listen to what’s going on around me.  Ed could’ve been talking to me this whole time and I wouldn’t know it.  So, back to reality I go, but that was a great mini-vacation.  You should try it sometime.  It does wonders for your attitude.


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