Too Darned Hot

Its’ been a few days since I’ve written and I’ve actually missed doing it.  I’ve been swamped getting things for the CPA and running errands all over Denton.  Today, however, it’s just too darned HOT to be running around, so I’m back home.  We have central A/C but we also have a ceiling fan in each main room.  I’m not only utilizing both of those, I have yet another fan sitting on the floor next to the couch.  I know it’s only 93 out there with 25% humidity but it feels like it is higher to me.  No wonder I spent the last 20-odd years trying to get projects up north in the summer!  Yuck!!!

It’s amazing all the little things that need to be done after someone passes away.  It’s a lot more than just giving away things they owned.  It’s a lot more than changing the name on the utilities.  It is like wrapping up a huge project at work and all the paperwork that goes along with that.  At this point, I’m still trying to hunt down information for the CPA, for 2009 and 2010 taxes.  This is hard enough for yourself, but imagine trying to do this for someone else, with no clue where things are filed, what she paid or didn’t.  With dementia, there were holes in her memory, so not everything got filed or completed.  Some things actually got done twice because she forgot she did them the first time.

I always regretted not having brothers and sisters, thinking of all the things I missed out on, but this is one time that I’m glad to be an only child.  While I would enjoy being able to split up the duties with someone else, I think it would be a nightmare trying to explain to someone else what I’m trying to do and what I’m looking for.  It’s hard enough for me to understand most of the time! 

As of now, I’m taking the rest of the weekend off though.  I’m going to sit and play bingo on Facebook, work on writing a few blogs ahead of time, and playing with the dogs.  I may not move from the computer, except to go to bed.  Hmmm, this is a recliner.  Maybe I’ll just lean back and take a nap.  That sounds like a much better idea right now.  It’s just too darned hot to do anything else, at least that is what I’ve decided.


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