Daily Archives: September 1, 2010

It’s only Wednesday!

Well, it definitely has been a busy week!  On Monday, I took Ed to the dental surgeon to begin work on implants.  He’s had them for years but just recently, they came loose and needed to be replaced.  They were so old and the technology was so outdated, I think, they decided to remove the old posts and insert new ones.  Yeah, it didn’t sound like fun to me either.  As someone who wore braces for years in school and later got caps, just discussing dental surgery gives me the heebie-jeebies.

We found out last Friday that Ed has a partially blocked carotid artery on his right side.  He was getting dizzy and occasionally lost his balance totally.  Needless to say, this was distressing to me but he kept blowing it off, saying that he just got up too fast.  Now we know what the problem is and we told the anesthesiologist about this development when we arrived Monday morning.  It was good that he knew so that he could adjust the anesthesia as needed.  He didn’t want to put him under too much because of this problem but he didn’t want him to feel the pain either, so I think it was somewhat of a juggling act for him.   With the money we were paying for this, I sure didn’t expect Ed to hurt when we got home, much less during the procedure!

I found out that Ed is quite funny when he’s coming out of anesthesia.  The doctors and nurses said he kept them in stitches before he went under also.  In reality, I think he was just nervous and he was doing his best to keep everything lighthearted.  The surgery went well and his recovery has been amazing.  If someone cut on me, I’d be down for days but Ed took an afternoon nap on the couch and was ready to get moving again.  He hasn’t stopped since either.

Now comes the fun part!  He’s on soft foods until the incision heals and that may be weeks.  Yogurt, mashed potatoes, ice cream, rice, corn, tuna, pasta; I wonder how long it will take him to get bored with THOSE foods?  Thank goodness for spices.  It’s been difficult convincing him that good wine is not on his diet, at least not with the antibiotics and pain medication he’s taking.  Ok, I admit it.  After spending months with my mom, I’m a little paranoid about doing what the doctor says.  Ed says I’m not as much fun as I used to be.  (Hehe)  He’ll get over it.

They don’t want him to wear the temporary plate a lot the first week so we’ve been staying close to home most of the days.  Of course, he wants to go see a few movies, run to Grapevine to go shopping and eat lunch down there, and other stuff like that.  I’ve been playing the fuddy-duddy.  He’s supposed to be taking it easy, the doctor said.  Yeah, right!

Now today, we get a rainstorm.  Woo-hoo!  We need the rain.  Yes, we do, but I have a leaky roof on the Meadows Building that needs to get fixed.  Rain, rain, go away; come again after the roof is fixed!  Please!!!  The roofer didn’t want to start work this week with the threat of rain and I don’t blame him, but I just got a voicemail that the roof is much worse and the massage room was drenched.  Swell, just swell!  Please don’t rain again until after next week!

Yesterday, I actually got signed up with Reliant Energy at 7 cents a kilowatt.  Nonnie never changed anything after they deregulated and she was paying between 16 and 21 cents.  That’s outrageous!  This is going to save a bundle every year, which is a good thing because I’ll need the money to pay for fixing the roof! 

Omg, it’s only Wednesday!  I have a repairman coming in the morning and a meeting in Denton at 4 tomorrow afternoon.  Ed goes to see Dr. John on Friday.  Next week, Ed has lots of dentist appointments to make sure everything is going as planned.  You know, as we left the building after surgery, Ed thanked them and said he had never been so pampered.  Pampered?  That would be nice, wouldn’t it?