Tropical Storm Hermine

I occasionally talk to Nonnie.  Believe me, I know she’s no longer here but there are things I need to tell her or ask her.  She usually seems to help me in some little way.  She never responds directly to me but something will happen or someone will get in touch, giving me options I didn’t think about or affirming a decision I’d already made.  The past few weeks, however, I have often cussed her for not training me to be a landlord!  She had always told others that I knew what to do.  I guess I do but it would’ve been a lot easier to have a gradual induction, rather than to be dropped into this job.

I need a minimum of three days when no rain is in the forecast so that we can get the Meadows Building re-roofed.  Three days, that’s it.  I’m not trying to be greedy.  By the time we had everything set up, the only dry days we had were either on the weekend or on a holiday.  You do not KNOW how many times I have even cussed the weatherman!  Well, yesterday the remnants of Tropical Storm Hermine hit the Dallas/Fort Worth area and the results in the Meadows Building, not to mention the rest of the Metroplex, were not good.  The ceiling below the flat roof has fallen in various places and in one spot, the insulation is all over the floor.  You could see water in some of the ceiling light fixtures. 

Now I need not only to get the roof completely redone, I need the ceiling fixed, the carpet replaced, and various rooms cleaned.  Thankfully, I have contractors and I have insurance.   The roofer asked if I minded if they worked on the weekend.  Duh!  PLEASE just get it fixed before it rains again!!!  Hopefully by Monday or Tuesday, the roof will be fixed and no more leaks.  Next week, I can then get the ceiling fixtures checked out, the ceiling fixed, the insulation replaced, and THEN the rooms cleaned.   After that, I can concentrate on getting the carpeting replaced and the rooms cleaned yet again, but at least the tenants can continue working as most of this gets done.  Yes, everything must be done in order, which means coordinating the contractors.  As Ed says, “Ain’t it fun being a landlord?”  Yes, it will be when I get used to the job, when I know who to call for what work, and when I know who has what insurance and the process I need to follow to enter a claim.  That time will come, hopefully VERY soon!

Whenever I got depressed yesterday, knowing everything that needed to be done and the frustration that it couldn’t have been fixed the week before Hermine, I thought about all the other businesses and homes in the Metroplex, specifically the flooding in Arlington and the tornadoes in the Dallas area, and I said a prayer that it was just the roof and ceiling and carpets that need to be replaced.  There are some in the Metroplex who lost much more than we did.  We had no standing water from flooding and we had no tornado so we still have walls.  I am indeed grateful.  Thanks again, Nonnie, for watching out for Argyle and the history you loved.  I’m sure you put in a good word so that we stayed safe with minimum damage at the old Meadows Grocery Store.


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