A Wonderful Weekend

Cowboys v Redskins.  Could there be anything better?  What a rivalry they have and now they add Donovan McNabb to the mix.  Wow.  But this was just the end of a great weekend.  I’m not actually rested but I do feel more relaxed.

I was really worried about getting the roof fixed over the Meadows Building but I got the message on Thursday that they wanted to start on either Saturday, depending upon the rain chance, or Sunday.  This was wonderful news even if the insurance adjuster determined that the leaks in the roof were not caused by weather but by wear and tear, which is not covered.  I just need the roof fixed but I do want it fixed right.  The adjuster recommended that I hire someone who will do the work right, that it was not done the way it should’ve been.  Of course, who really knows how to do a flat roof correctly in Texas, right?  Well, after explaining what the roofer wants to do, the adjuster agreed that I had found someone who knows how to do a flat roof, especially a flat roof with parapets all around the edges.  I was thoroughly thrilled to have the new roofer’s ability validated.  Now, let’s get the roof fixed!!!  The materials were delivered on Friday and we were ready to go.

But first, Ed and I had a birthday dinner to attend.  Summer is big for birthdays in my family.

  • Son Lee was born July 7th. 
  • Cousin Charlie A is July 9th.  
  • Cousin Charlie R and Ed’s ex-wife are July 26th. 
  • I am August 5th. 
  • Nonnie and cousin Terry are August 11th. 
  • Cousin Gus is August 23rd.
  • Son-in-law Bob is August 29th. 
  • Ed is September 6th. 
  • Not to mention my aunt and uncle, my great-aunt, great-grandfather and grandfather.

With everything going on with Nonnie this summer, I have missed them all, even my own.  So Saturday night, Ed, Lee, Bob, daughter Kim, and I had dinner at Texas de Brazil.  The food was fabulous!  The atmosphere and service were great … well, except for the loud and foul-mouthed table of roadies sitting next to us when we first got there.  But even that was okay.  It was interesting to see all different types at this one table having a blast!  The cowboy in a cowboy hat and boots.  The young woman with bright pink hair.  It was fun.

After they left and we could hear each other, we noticed that the restaurant had music piped in, which was nice, but the best was the company of everyone at the table.  We laughed and talked for 2 solid hours.  When we got ready for the bill, our server offered us dessert.  Oh, please, he must’ve been kidding, right???  We had all gorged on the salad bar, the unending supply of different meats, mashed potatoes, and caramelized bananas.  Dessert???  No way, baby!  Unfortunately, someone had let it slip that we were celebrating a birthday and the server came back with one huge slice of chocolate cake.  Heaven with a fork, let me tell you!  Four out of five of us were celebrating a birthday so they just brought a fork for each of us and we passed the cake around.  Half of it still remained after we were done.

Usually, after we have dinner in Dallas, Ed and I drive a long way just to get back home, but Saturday night, I had used hotel points and gotten us a room at Hyatt Place, not 10 minutes away from the restaurant.  It was good to be able to go there, collapse, watch the 10 pm news, and groan from eating too much.  A leisurely free breakfast this morning, and we were out the door and homeward bound. 

But that turned out not to be our last stop.  We surprised Kim and Lee at the Snooty Pig in Argyle.  I can’t believe that Kim really prefers to come all this way for breakfast at the Snooty Pig but since I go there every Saturday morning, I can’t complain.  I love it too.  Kim was actually taking Lee to see the Big Dig in Nonnie’s pasture.  Let me tell you, a 6.5 acre pond is extremely impressive.  Lee and I walked the entire length of it and when we got to the other end and turned back to see Ed and Kim, they were specks in front of our vehicles.  It was actually good exercise but we were both really sweaty after walking the whole way back.

In the middle of the Cowboys game, I had a call from the roofer Lonny.  The Meadows Building is now in the dry so if it rains tonight, there will be no leaks inside that building.  I am SO thrilled!  They didn’t start until this morning stripping the old roof off and I didn’t expect them to get that all done, repair the decking and put the base down before they left today.  That is just amazing!  What a crew and what a great foreman!  Thank you so much, Lonny, for all the hard work today.  I and my tenants all owe you a great big hug!

So all in all, this was a wonderful weekend!  I like those kinds of weekends and need many, many more of them.  Thanks, everyone!  I love you all!


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