The Roof, the Ceiling, and Storage

The roof is now done!  Woo-hoo!!!  Lonny and the New Leaf Roofing crew were supposed to finish up last night but they will be back to check on it after the next rain.  For the first time, I’m actually looking forward to a hard rain so we can give it a good test.  What a fantastic job they did.  It’s light colored so it should reflect the heat rather than gather it in.  They added two vents, which should help dissipate the heat in the attic and keep the entire building cooler.  They made flashing to go around the parapets and put caps on them to keep the rain out.  I am SO thrilled!

Yesterday and today, Ken’s been working on the ceilings, the light fixtures, and the carpeting.  He even fixed something that has driven me crazy since I started using Nonnie’s office.  One cabinet door will not open all the way since it hits the curtain rod over the window on the adjoining wall.  Ken raised the curtain rod.  Once he is done, I can get Sonia to come in and steam-clean the carpets.  I bet that hasn’t been done in years and the entire building needs it!  What a joy that will be!

So where can you not fix a roof on Sunday or after 6 pm weekdays or after 5 on Saturday, even if you have customers every day but Sunday?  That’s right, in Argyle.  The crew started work last Sunday in order to make sure they had 3 full days with no rain in the forecast.  They worked late on Monday night just because they couldn’t find a stopping place.  The Argyle Police stopped by and gave them a hard time for working past 6 pm.  What???  I can understand a construction ordinance that restricts working these hours on a home in a residential area.  On a brand new commercial site, I can see possibly mandating certain hours, as long as the site is fenced off from the general public.  On an existing commercial site, where it might be disruptive or, heaven forbid, dangerous for customers, restricting the time to replace a roof to only regular retail hours is ludicrous!  Where is the common sense here?  Instead of a citywide ordinance, can’t we have a distinction between residential and commercial construction? Geez!  If we treat commercial entities this way on everything, no wonder we don’t have more businesses here in Argyle.

On a positive note, it has been amazing the artifacts that I have found in that office this week.  Abstracts, Bills of Sale, pictures, tools, and decorations, just to mention a few!  I looked in the storage room, back behind what used to be the old meat market, and found oil paintings, furniture, and the old vegetable bin from Meadows Grocery.  The storage building behind the Meadows Building is crammed with old furniture, at least one old oil painting, and some kind of critter living in there.  I think I’ll wait until we have much cooler weather to tackle those.  It has been a fascinating journey and there is so much more to do.


2 responses to “The Roof, the Ceiling, and Storage

  1. Oh, great! Now the city is going to be on our neck about every little thing from now on! And your building is literally right next door to the police station! ****sigh****

  2. I’m sure that ordinance did not happen while Yvonne was Mayor! She had waaaay too much common sense to allow that! Linda