The Meadows Building Update and Other Remembrances

Ken has the massage therapist room done except for installing new carpet.  We went and bought it today and Ken will install it tomorrow.  Today, I went shopping for a new vacuum cleaner.  Yeah, the old one at the Meadows Building quit working, well, except for the attachments.  It’s a little difficult to vacuum a carpet with an attachment so I had to do something.  I checked online and decided upon a Dyson DC25 All Floors.  It works on all different types of floors and has a good rating, continuous suction and moves in all directions.  The Home Depot website even said they had it in stock.  Sounds good, huh?  Yeah, I thought so, until I tried to find one.  I started at Lowe’s.  All they had was a Dyson DC14 All Floors or a Dyson DC25 Animals.  I don’t think there are many animals leaving pet hair and allergens down at the Meadows Building and the DC14 was a wimp compared to the DC25.  I went to Home Depot.  They had the same two.  I caved.  I got the DC25 for Allergies and we’ll see how that goes.  If it works great on the carpet and lousy on the tile, I’ll spend more time and find the DC25 All Floors, buy it, and then trade with the Meadows Building.  At least I have a really good vacuum today so we can do the clean-up job this weekend.  Yes, we are working both Saturday and Sunday this weekend until we get everything done!

Did you know that Argyle had a city flag?  Did you know that the city had a school competition to design a city flag?  Did you know that I helped draw the final version so that Nonnie could take it to a flag-maker?  Yes, all of that is true and I found that flag stored in her office.  We did this when we were the City of Argyle and since then we have changed to the Town of Argyle.  I’m not sure if they still use a flag but this one should be inside Town Hall instead of stored in the Meadows Building, so I’m giving it to the Town of Argyle to display.  I hope they take good care of it so that I can show it off for years to come. 


When you go to the Argyle website,, you will see this at the top of the main page.  Do you know where the “A” came from?  Kind of distinctive, isn’t it?  It was taken from the signature of the Duke of Argyll in Scotland.  Nonnie and I went on a vacation to Scotland and actually got to meet the Duke of Argyll.  In fact, he and Nonnie corresponded for years, which is why she had his signature.  His signature is even more distinctive than what we used for the city but we decided that with just the “A” by itself, people might not realize what it was, so I designed a little more easily recognizable “A” for things like stationery, police badges, signs and such.  It may have started out from the Duke’s signature but that is my “A” and I am very proud that the Town of Argyle is still using it. 

I know it sounds like I’m bragging about these ties with the Town of Argyle and, I guess, in a way, I am.  What I’m really doing though is remembering the good times that I had with Nonnie in creating something lasting.  When you start looking around this town, there are lots of reminders of Nonnie and the contribution she made.  These are but two small but very meaningful ones to me.

By the way, not only did we try to meet the Duke of Argyll because of his tie to our city, we wanted to meet him because my dad’s nickname was the Duke of Argyle.  I think everyone had a reason for calling him that, but my reason was because he was ALWAYS making the rounds in Argyle, finding out what was going on and what the local gossip was.  He was on the City Council and he worked for the Argyle Water Supply Corp.  He was curious and just had to know everything going on.  Ok, maybe I got that from both parents.


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  1. I didn’t know ALL that!…Is it some sort of secret code or something?….Ed