Barking. Lights. Action.

I am used to being awakened anywhere between 2 and 5 am every morning by SoLow licking my face.  She can only last so long and then she just HAS to go outside.  I’m not really sure if it is because she needs to go relieve herself or if she just wakes up and is bored with no one to play with.  Either way, she, Samantha, and sometimes Stephi get to go outside for about an hour, since I usually can’t go right back to sleep.  Yes, sometimes I even write my blog during that time but you can usually tell because of the typos! 

Last night, SoLow woke us up but she did so by barking … loud and long!  I couldn’t believe it!  She was at the door in our bedroom that goes out into a little private garden area.  Something was out there and she wanted it!  Well, after Ed turned on the outside light, he saw 2 raccoons.  One was apparently stretching from the tree trunk to the bird feeder I had put there last week.  That one was eating and knocking the corn out on the ground below for yet another raccoon.  

These were young ones who were still skittish of loud noises and lights and dogs barking but they soon overcame their fear of all those things.  That’s when I stepped in.  Dogs were barking.  Lights were flipped on.  My human form appeared at the full glass door.  Nothing.  I started to tap my fingers on the door and they scattered.  Yet even that soon became old hat for them.  I finally put the dogs out in the back yard and went back to bed.  Well, I went back to bed after about an hour, checking email and playing bingo.  I haven’t gotten a good, full night’s sleep since we got that little dog but I wouldn’t trade her for the world. 

SoLow and Kay


2 responses to “Barking. Lights. Action.

  1. SoLow is so cute. I would love for My Matisse and Ezzie Doz-it to meet her.

  2. I say shoot the racoons or the dogs!….Not necessarily in that order!