A Monthly Sinful Pleasure

Sigh.  I feel so much better today.  I found something that relieves muscle aches, gets rid of headaches, gives you a sense of peace, and makes you smile a bunch!!!  There is a spring in your step that you didn’t have yesterday.  You are relaxed and can handle problems much easier.  The problems may still be there but you are better prepared to handle them.  Got it figured out yet?

No, it is not alcohol.  It is not sex.  It is not religious in nature.  It’s not a cigar and port, nor is it an hour practicing the piano or singing.  It’s not a manicure or pedicure, nor a trip to the hairdresser.  It is definitely not shopping!  If you know me, you know that would NOT be top of my list for a restful hour of my time.   Before I tell you what it is, let me say that I have  done this a few times, usually when I am so stressed out, my shoulders are up next to my head, they are so tight, and this is when I am relaxed … until I do this.  And if you ever want to ask me a favor, catch me right after this activity.  I feel so good that everything sounds good! 

If you have never done this, you honestly do not know what you are missing.  Most of the men I know are somewhat squeamish about doing it but once introduced, they are great devotees.  I definitely love clothes but in this case, you can take off as many or as few of your clothes as you feel comfortable with.  Today I didn’t, but usually I just rip everything off.  No, I am not an exhibitionist.  I am fully covered the entire time.  Nonnie used to have a monthly appointment that she never missed, unless some catastrophe occurred.  In fact, Nonnie is the one who introduced me to this sinful pleasure and, as of today, I now have a monthly appointment which I too do not intend to miss.

You know, I don’t think I’m going to tell you.  I think this would be a wonderful Christmas present this year, for all the stressed people I know, so I think I will keep this to myself for now.  Besides, I really dislike crowds and I don’t want everyone to show up.  I’ll sleep on it tonight and maybe I’ll share tomorrow.  Maybe not.  Maybe not until Christmas.  We’ll see.


One response to “A Monthly Sinful Pleasure

  1. Now that isn’t nice. I love reading your posts but this one will drive me crazy while waiting for the answer. Lord knows I need something to make me feel that relaxed!