Bless Eddie Conrad! part 2

Once we get to Rudesheim, we have a choice of a gondola ride to Niederwald Denkmal, a monument high above the Rhine Valley with wonderful views of the surrounding vineyards, or a visit to Siegfried’s Musikkabinett, a fun museum of antique self-playing musical instruments.  Guess which one I’m picking!  I’m not hot to see the Medieval Torture Museum, although they might be tops on Drake’s list, and thankfully it’s not on our tour!  Whichever one we do, I’m sure Ed will have a new white wine favorite by the end of the day, since this region is known for their white wines.

The next day, we get to Frankfurt and we either have a half-day tour of Frankfurt or a full-day excursion to Heidelberg.  Now, Heidelberg would be nice.  It’s a beautiful, romantic city with another castle.  I probably would be more interested in seeing the Heiligenberg, the remains of a Celtic fortress, and the Philosophers’ Walk.   University of Heidelberg professors and philosophers used to walk here and there are wonderful views of the old town and castle from this viewpoint.  Yes, another picture-taking event for Ed!

Frankfurt, on the other hand, has cultural sites galore and, can you believe it, SKYSCRAPERS!   I’ll have to do some checking on those before making a choice.  I would love an easy day in Frankfurt but I would LOVE to see Heidelberg and the Philosophers’ Walk.  That just sounds so Harry-Potter-ish to me! 

The next day we have a glass blowing demonstration on board the ship because we will be docking in Wertheim, Germany, and they are known for their glassware.  I don’t know how I will get it home, but I intend to get something that has been glass blown there.  We even get to go home with a local family and have cake and coffee.  Yes, this is what they call “Kaffeklatch” and I may bring this custom back home!

 Then it’s overnight to Wurzburg, Germany, birthplace of Dirk Nowitzki!  If you don’t know who Dirk is, look him up!  He’s really big in the Dallas area nowadays.  Here we have a choice of wine-tasting and a tour of the city OR an excursion to Rothenburg ob der Tauber.  I know absolutely NOTHING about these two cities but I’ve already signed us up for the wine-tasting tour.  If I get to see the musical instruments in Rudesheim, then (sigh) Ed gets his wine-tasting at this stop!  Wait a minute!  We will have many wine-tasting opportunities on this trip.  Hmmph.  Rothenburg is protected by law from any major changes to the town and it’s been this way since at least the 1880’s.  In reality, the town almost died out and quit growing  around 1634, after a siege and then the Black Death.  That might be really interesting as well.  Suggestions, anyone?

The next day, we will still be in Germany.  In fact, we will have 4 more days in Germany.  But I’ll tell you about that in the next post.  Again, if you have any suggestions on what to see when we have choices to make, PLEASE leave a comment about what you would do and why you would make that choice.


3 responses to “Bless Eddie Conrad! part 2

  1. Hi girl, Sounds like you’re having fun. I still have relatives in Germany at Westerstede. They send letters to Mom in German. She takes the letters to the Egyptian owner of a restaurant near her seniors community. He takes them to an old friend of his whose mother speaks/reads the old German. Needless to say this is a long process, so letters are only exchanged with our cousins twice a year.
    Hope to see you the week before Thanksgiving. Have a great time! Sandy

  2. I’ve been to both Heidelburg and Rothenburg. I would do both again.

  3. Thank you, Lou! I just hope my legs will hold out with all of this walking but Heidelburg sounds just too good to miss.