Bless Eddie Conrad! part 3

Next is Bamberg, Germany, a lecture on the Main-Danube Canal and a walking tour of Old Town.  This should be an interesting visit, with lots of different accents and languages.  There are over 4100 US Army members and their dependents just outside of town but I’m not sure how many actually make it to Old Town.  I’ll be listening though.  There are seven hills and each one has a church at its summit, so the view should be awesome and while we are walking around, I hope to find the Schlenkerla Tavern on the Dominikaner Strasse in the Old Town and at least try a Rauchbier, which means smoked beer in English, from the Heller brewery.  I hope I learn enough German to be able to pronounce all these names!  Regardless, this should be a wonderfully relaxing day. 

Then we come to Nuremberg, Germany.  We get a lecture on The Development of a German Town, with Nuremberg used as an example, and then a walking tour of the city, which will include the Documentation Center at Hitler’s Nazi Rallygrounds.  For someone who loves history, this will be a thrill for me.  I’m not sure I will WANT to look at everything, such as pictures of the concentration camps, but I’m sure I will.  Then it’s lunch with a group of university students.  I don’t know if we will be practicing the German we have learned so far or if the students will be practicing their English, but if I go blank on what to say or can’t understand what they say, I’ll just take another bite and smile so I don’t have to say anything! 

In the afternoon, we have a choice of visiting the former home of Albrecht Durer, print maker and artist, OR to the Toy Museum.  Any suggestions on this would be appreciated.  I’m leaning toward the artist but I love anything antique so the Toy Museum might be better.  Let me know what you think.

On a side note, even though actress Sandra Bullock was born in Arlington, VA, she was the daughter of Helga Meyer, a German opera singer and voice teacher.  Her grandfather was a rocket scientist from Nuremburg.  She lived in Germany until the age of 12, where she sang in the opera’s children’s choir and she’s fluent in German.  I can’t see her dancing, but she studied ballet and vocal arts, taking small parts in her mother’s opera productions.  She now has a home in Lake Austin, so there is also a Texas connection for me.

Now, after a day of history, looking for Sandra Bullock memorabilia, and listening for American accents, what could top the day???  Yes, there is a lecture on the Bavarian Beer Experience, with a beer tasting.  That should be a great way to relax and end the day, don’t you think???  I wonder if I can get a Coors Light over there.  Hmmm, I’d better not.  Ed would be SO embarrassed if I asked for an American beer!

The next day, we have the option of a Monastery tour or relaxing on the deck all morning.  I think that decision will be easy to make but maybe not.  We’ll see.  More in tomorrow’s post.  Stay tuned!


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  1. Hey, is Sandra on the tour!? Ed