Lack of Communication?

I was out feeding the dogs and goats tonight when, all of a sudden, there was a shot and a big rustle in the leaves over the goats.  The dogs started barking, the goats started a stampede, and I ducked.  I didn’t know if the shot had gone through the tops of the trees or if some birds were startled as well, but this was scary, to say the least. 

There is a water tank not too far from my house, on the land I inherited from my mom, and I figured that someone was dove hunting but, since no one asked if they could, I wasn’t sure who it was.  If you think I’m walking over there to tell someone holding a gun that what they were doing is illegal, you are definitely crazy!  Ed called 911 instead. 

As it turned out, it was my cousin and his two young sons but I didn’t know that at the time.  Soon I received a call from my cousin, complaining that Ed called the cops on him and that we knew he was there every night working.  He said he and his sons had grown up hunting at that tank, as had my son, and he didn’t expect us to call the cops on him.  Then he had the audacity to complain that since my mother had passed away, there seemed to be a lack of communication between the two of us.  Say what???  Since my job has primarily consisted of traveling for many years, there has RARELY been communication between us.  Duh!!!  If there had been any kind of communication from him, I would’ve KNOWN who was there and why.  As it was, I was scared it could’ve been kids from a nearby neighborhood and they either crawled through the fence or came through the electric gate that didn’t work. 

From a liability standpoint alone, I didn’t want shooting that close to my house or the road.  I can put the dogs in the house but I refuse to let the goats come in too.  As the owner, I am responsible and this responsibility is new to me, just like being a landlord.  Until I am sure of what Nonnie’s insurance covers and what it doesn’t, I would rather be safe than sorry.  I would much prefer NOT to be sued or charged with a crime at this point in my life!  That is stress I really just don’t need right now.

For those that are interested, there is a Texas law on the books now that will permit some hunting inside the limits of any incorporated area but it is very restrictive.  It has to be on land that was annexed AFTER September 1, 1981.  My mom’s land was incorporated long before that and so it is still illegal to shoot within Argyle.  If it were legal, believe me, Ed would be over there and he had, in fact, asked our police chief if he our land was covered by the new law and was told no.

The lack of communication should now be open but then, it was always open.  He obviously has my cell phone number since he called me.  I hope he will use it more often so that I know what is going on.  I cannot read anyone’s mind and I will not know when to call him to find out if there is anything I should know.  And for him to call and bitch at me when it was his actions that started all of this, really gets my hackles up.  He seemed surprised and asked if I was angry.  What did he think I was?  I was angry and frustrated; angry that I didn’t know what was happening on my own land and frustrated that he would assume I knew what was going on just by telepathy.  If you want an open line of communication, you must start by communicating yourself.


2 responses to “Lack of Communication?

  1. I sure wouldn’t want anyone shooting towards my house.
    What if he shot a dog, goat or you….even if it was an accident….run him off

  2. I didn’t have to. The policeman did. I did get the phone call from him later. And I emailed his wife a link to prove that it was illegal. She, in turn, emailed me the name of the guide he was going by. We have been dove hunting at that tank for years but now, we are not so rural anymore. My house is close to it now. There is a subdivision just across the road with hundreds of rooftops. I just can’t risk it. I won’t risk it.