You know, sometimes a vacation is stressful because of all the frantic preparation beforehand or because you’re trying to see as much as possible in a limited time or because you are anticipating all of the catch-up work upon your return. The river barge trip is going to be active and fun and hectic and we will be gone 17 days. I have no clue what kind of stress I’ll have but that’s next year. This week, we are in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We have no deadlines, no schedules, no stress. A vacation much-needed and appreciated. Why didn’t I find this type of vacation years ago???

It did, however, start off stressful. Ah, Sunday afternoon in Argyle. Now how could that be stressful, right? We’re finally heading off to the airport, grinning from ear to ear, when we saw what looked like the beginning of a funeral procession. Did some city lose a police officer or something? The procession was led by policemen on motorcycles. They were followed by more motorcycles, lots of motorcycles, all with their lights on and it seemed to go on forever. It finally dawned on me that the hearse had been missing, so unless the body was sitting upright behind or beside a live person, this was NOT a funeral. Then why did they all have their lights on? Why did the initial police officers have their red and white flashers on? Why were vehicles pulled over to the side of the road while they were passing? Gee, why were some of the riders waving at us and grinning?

The procession couldn’t take that long, for goodness’ sake, could it? We were all stopped to watch and no one had the guts to move. It was not a funeral! There were MILES of motorcycles. Where were these people going??? If you know, please post a comment because I am totally befuddled on this one. I finally gave up and thought “Y’all can be sheep but I have a flight to catch!” We passed lots of people still watching and just zoomed on by. Some of them caught up to us on down the road but by then, I was hooking’ it!

Yes, we made our flight with time to spare. With all the miles that I accumulated last year, I made Executive Platinum this year on American Airlines. I also hit the Million Mile mark last year on American. What really makes this nice is the upgrade to First Class whenever available. Executive Platinum members get first dibs on those unsold First Class seats. (Grin) Yes, we were upgraded to First Class and we’ve already been upgraded to First on the return flight.

Last night, we had a wonderful, leisurely dinner with Ed’s cousin and his girlfriend but, prior to that, he gave us a tour of his new home.  More on that tomorrow, with pictures, I hope.  I don’t want to spoil the surprise for you, but I will tell you that there are 17,000 square feet in this wondrous and amazing house!  I am in love!


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  1. I highly recommend the restaurant Casa de Benavidez on 4th NW. Great food and great patio (if not too chilly). Also, skip jewelry purchases in Old Town (too expensive) and go to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. Great stuff and less expensive since it cuts out the middleman to some extent.

    (I’ll hit the 2 Million mile mark with American by the end of the year and am looking forward to my two extra luggage tags and lifetime Platinum.) 😉