A Castle in Albuquerque

Ed’s cousin Stu has spent years designing and building his new house.  If you saw the detail and love that he has put into this home, you would understand why it has taken so long.  It will be well worth the wait but I really think he has just been having a blast putting the whole thing together.   

Front of House


 This is the front of the house.  The wall of windows will showcase a tropical garden just inside and the round tower contains a beautiful staircase.  I’ll show you both later in this post.  The door in-between the two is where the front door will be but that has not been finished yet.  The thick African wood for it arrived yesterday so they should be starting that soon. 

Ceiling of Staircase


The staircase circular room is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen and it’s not finished.  I just kept staring at this ceiling!  I have only seen one other like it and that was in Stu’s sister’s home in Santa Fe and both were designed by Stu.  

Stu and Kay at Top of Staircase


But this one has a staircase, just as beautiful, from the second floor all the way to the dungeon.  You get a perception of it’s size with us in this picture.  

Looking Down from the Top of the Staircase


At the bottom of the staircase, he is thinking of putting a pool table and for some reason, it just fits in that area. 

Once you are at the bottom and go past the pool table, you enter the dungeon.  Think I’m kidding???  Look!  

The Dungeon Door

This is the door and really works by pulling a chain.  Inside the dungeon, you would find not only a bar and party room, you find my favorite room, the studio.  Yes, this would be a music studio, complete with a small soundproof room for the vocalist.  I am in love!!! 

Tropical Garden

Back upstairs, I was amazed at the tropical garden that he has designed.    See the floor underneath these windows?  That is lots of base, topped with 6 feet of a special soil.  I’m looking forward to seeing the palm trees he plants in this room!  AND he is installing special equipment to de-mineralize the water so that he gets no water stains on the walls.  The walls, by the way, are created to look like lava rock and, believe me, it does look realistic.  Black walls seem stark now, but behind palm trees and beautiful, colorful tropical flowers, the black walls will really make the colors pop. 

Living Room

Directly above the dungeon, in the living room, now you can see the top of the dungeon door, but it will be hidden behind a wall when they finish this room.  

There is so much more to this house, including a 3 car garage plus a berth for an RV.  Bedrooms, office space, computer room, outdoor pool, and observatory are still just scratching the service.  I’ll show a picture tomorrow of the observatory but you will only see the outside of it.  Everything is computer controlled so from the computer room, you can control the observatory doors and the telescope.  

Another part that I really liked in this house is the ramp that goes between floors.  It is the length of and behind the tropical garden.  When I go back, I’m going to ask for a Segway to go between floors.  Think how much fun THAT would be! 

Yesterday, we went to Old Town Albuquerque and today we saw Old Town Santa Fe.  More on those tomorrow. 


4 responses to “A Castle in Albuquerque

  1. AMAZING – such detail. What a beautiful, well constructed home. I have never seen anything like it.

  2. Awesome!

  3. Linda Genung

    Where is this home in Albuquerque??? I lived there for years, and our son lives there now, so we go about every year. I’d love to see this place! Is it in the Valley? Are you getting to see the Balloon Fiesta?? Have a wonderful time! NM is great!


  4. Sorry, Linda, it’s behind walls in a gated community.