Old Towns

Monday morning, we enjoyed sleeping in and then going to Old Town Albuquerque.  Yes, we have been there many times before but it has been a long time for me.  It’s a great place for people-watching and we had to have some New Mexico red or green chili food.  In this case, we had chimichangas at La Hacienda, right on the Plaza.  Boy, were we stuffed!

Ed always looks for a ring here and this trip was no different.  He just didn’t find anything that he liked and he was more concerned with looking for something for me.  “Oh, I like this one, Kay!”  “This would look great on you”  “Don’t you see anything you like???”  My reply was usually negative.  Now, I love New Mexico Indian style jewelry but I just can’t see coming all this way to buy something that looks exactly like something in the next store or booth.  Where was the unusual?  Where were the handmade Indian items made one at a time, with tiny marks and flaws?  Not in the stores that I could find, that’s for sure! 

Kay in Old Town Albuquerque
Monday night, I begged off so Ed and Stu went out to dinner by themselves.  I’m sure both of them talked so much, catching up on their lives that I don’t think they missed me that much, although they would both say they did.  My stomach was actually a little queasy so I thoroughly enjoyed the evening relaxing.
Tuesday morning, I was up at 5:30 am. 

Cousins enjoying the balloons

YES!  At 5:30 am on our vacation, we were up and had breakfast at 7 and then were on the move to Stu’s new house.  We sat on the balcony and watched the balloons at the Albuquerque Balloon Festival.  Needless to say, Stu is close to the Festival grounds and usually the wind is blowing just right and they come right over his house.  In years past, some of the balloons have even landed on Stu’s property, but unfortunately, this day they headed west instead.  We did get to catch the locals making their own ascension and they were gorgeous.

Cousins in the foreground; Observatory in turquoise

Then it was off to Santa Fe via scenic Highway 14, the Turquoise Trail.  This is something that Ed had never done and it is a beautiful drive through the mountains.  Once in Santa Fe, I think we stayed lost.  We had both been there many times before and were relying on memory to find the Plaza.  Of course, we had no map.  This was not a business trip and we had no schedule.  What did we need a map for???  Yeah, we just called Ed’s cousin Dottie and she met us for lunch at Museum Hill.  It was nice to see the museum complex but we had been aiming for the Plaza and were not anywhere close.
Afterwards, she took us to the gallery on Canyon Road where her paintings are going to be displayed and sold.  I believe they are already talking about a one woman show but that will be in the future sometime.  It was a very nice gallery, with all kinds of art, including jewelry.  Now this was more of what I was looking for, more freeform.  There was no way I was going to buy any of it ($7,200 for a necklace is a little out of my budget!)  but it was beautiful.
Kay and Dottie at Sugarman Gallery on Canyon Rd in Santa Fe

That night, Stu came and got us and we had dinner with his two sons and a friend of theirs at a little Italian restaurant.  I know, I know, this is New Mexico.  Who comes to New Mexico and eats Italian?  The locals do, that’s who!  Out of 6 people, I’m not sure who talked the most but we all were very vocal and had a blast.

We had an interesting Tuesday night-Wednesday morning but that’s a story for tomorrow.  I will tell you that, if you wake up in the middle of the night with acid reflux, try drinking an entire glass of water and sitting up in bed.  It helps, believe me!  Drinking a Coke might sear it so it doesn’t hurt quite so much but with the citrus acid, I don’t think it helps in the long run.

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