The Princess and the Pea

The princess and the pea, that’s what I feel like at night nowadays, sleeping up near the ceiling of the room, able to feel the slightest bump under the mattress.  Ok, I can change that last item if I want to but last night I didn’t want to and this morning, my back was killing me!!!  Maybe I’d better start at the beginning so you understand.


We moved into our house in 1984 and furnished it with okay furniture.  It was comfortable and it was what we could afford at the time.  Unfortunately, we haven’t really changed any of that furniture since then.  After all these years, our water-bed finally broke.  Yes, I said water-bed.  No, it didn’t spring a leak and drown the floor.  The bed frame’s footboard broke off.  We decided that we needed to buy a new bed, but there was so much going on that we were just taking our time.  Then one day, I noticed that the bed liner had broken and it looked like a water-balloon was hanging over the edge and reaching for the floor.  We decided we had to move a little faster or we would be sleeping on the floor soon!


I have decided that, once you decide to change a piece of furniture, none of the other furniture you have looks good anymore.  Unless we found a bed that matched the other bedroom furniture, the entire room looked sick.  It was too old.  It was too dark.  I didn’t like it anymore anyway.  We started looking at new bedroom sets instead and that meant I had to go shopping, not one of my favorite activities!  We finally selected something that was light-colored and had more storage.  It was made in the U.S. of A. and not just made by a U.S. company in a foreign country.  Yes!!!


We returned from Albuquerque Thursday night and they delivered the bedroom set after 1 pm on Friday.  That meant that we had one night to sleep on the old water-bed and then had to really move it the next day to get it drained and to get the other furniture unloaded.  You should now see my dining room, atrium, and front entry.  Do you realize how much “stuff” you have in your bedroom?  Think of all the places you can put things in your bedroom.  Now double it, because I guarantee that you will find double what you think is there.  Or maybe it just takes up twice as much room in the dining room, atrium, and entry because it just adds to what is already there.  Whichever it is, it’s going to take quite a while to get it all back in place.


Now, Adams Furniture in Justin removed all of the old furniture and hauled it off.  They set up the new furniture exactly where we asked them to, which was not where it was originally.  After all these years, my feet are point north instead of west when I sleep.  It’s really kind of strange and feels like sleeping at a hotel at times; you know, a setting that is familiar but still different from what you are used to?  In the middle of the night, getting to the bathroom may be a challenge if I try to get there by turning right because now, I will almost immediately stump my toe on a bookcase.  And needing a drink of water in the kitchen?  That would take me inside Ed’s closet instead.


Oh, yes, the princess and the pea thing?  We got a sleep number mattress, which comes with a plastic foundation instead of old-fashioned box springs.  That’s ok but the bed we bought doesn’t need a box springs or, in this case, a foundation.  We used it anyway so we are exactly one box springs taller than normal, and it was a tall bed frame to begin with.  Poor Stephi, our old Sheltie, and SoLow have both needed steps to get on our bed.  Now, none of our dogs can jump on the bed and, believe me, they have tried!  Even Sam, our best jumper, can’t do it.  When I put SoLow on the bed at night, Sam wants so much to join her as usual snoozing beside me.  SoLow just rubs it in that she gets on the bed and Sam doesn’t.


I wanted to see how it felt to sleep on a really soft mattress, so I changed the setting to a very low number last night.  That was a mistake.  My back has been aching all day long.  I have already put it back where it was.  You live, you learn.  Maybe tomorrow night, I’ll change it to a very high number and see what that is like.  Hmmm.


So why not take the foundation off and just have the mattress? 

  • I’m enjoying not having long Sam-hair on the blanket. 
  • SoLow doesn’t run around the house at night because she has learned that once off the bed, she can’t get back on. 
  • I’m on the same level as the TV screen. 
  • If the speed on the ceiling fan needs changing, I can just get on the bed to adjust it. 
  • It’s warmer in winter up there. 
  • It’s easier to lose weight when you are sleeping and it’s even easier to lose weight at higher altitudes. 
  • I actually exercise while crawling up into bed. 

The downside? 

  • If I’m not careful, I would not only end up on the floor after quite a drop, I would also probably end up with a concussion when I hit the bed frame on the way down. 
  • Before getting up in the morning, you have to peer over the side to make sure you are not dropping down on a sleeping dog. 
  • As I age, I may need a stepladder or a chair-lift. 

I can always remove the foundation later but for now, I’m really enjoying the change.  And the first night, SoLow slept all night long and so did I.  It was wonderful!!!


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