This says it all!

Thank you, Kim, for sending this picture this morning.  What an email to wake up to!  This picture really does say it all … the smiles, the pride, the joy, the title!  Way to go, Rangers!!!  Now take it all the way!

Front page of the Dallas Morning News, Oct 23, 2010


4 responses to “This says it all!

  1. John was beside himself – he thought it was a dream. Couldn’t sleep all night. I woke up around 7am and the commemorative edition was on my desk in the office. He said he took the dogs for a ride around 5am to snag some papers. I think he bought the store out – I know of 7 copies but I’m sure he has more of them somewhere.

    This is outstanding and I’m so excited too – yeah, I’m a NY’er but my heart is with the Rangers. My cousin from NY called and said “you know what you won’t have next year? – Cliff Lee….”

  2. Way cool….Giants and Rangers
    Calif vs Tex…..can’t wait
    I’m in Calif….

    • I remember, Pam. I can’t wait either. I think this will be one hell of a series! My son said, while he will be rooting for Texas obviously, he would be happy with either team winning.