The Wren

What is it with critters and my house???  Ed was making sure we closed the garage door a few nights ago and, after he closed the house door, he noticed that a little bird had entered the laundry area.  The bird had no obstacles between her and the majority of the house, including the kitchen, office, dining room, atrium, living room, entryway, and hallway.  Where does this little bird go?  She goes right to the top of the living room, 20 feet up, to sit on the windowsill.  So much for chasing her toward the door!  Thankfully, the dogs were outside and didn’t know what had happened. 

The night was uneventful.  We all slept, including the little bird, I assume.  The next morning, I heard a funny noise in Ed’s office.  Ok, the little bird (a small wren, I saw) had found the window and was continually trying to get out through the glass.  I never said she was a smart bird!  I opened one of our back doors, one side of a set of double doors, and tried to shoo her in that direction.  She landed on the closed double door and I thought “Great!  Just stand still.  She’ll find the outside now!”  Oh, no, she didn’t.  Of course, she flew right past it to the high window on the other side of the fireplace.  She even took a swing on the Japanese kite we had gotten years ago, which was hanging by a single fish line in the middle of the window.  On her way back to the very high windowsill in the living room, she knocked over a small Japanese paper lantern.  That was really the only “damage” she caused but I gave up, shutting the outside door and letting the dogs back in.

Things were quiet until about mid-morning.  I heard a strange little yip somewhere in the house and thought it was SoLow in trouble.  I followed the sound to Drake’s old room.  There was Sam, standing guard and staring intently into the closet, wagging her tail.  Yes, what Drake predicted years ago finally had happened.  We actually lost a dog in one of my storage closets!  The closets in my sewing room and Drake’s old room have been turned into storage closets, as have the rooms themselves recently!  While they started out organized, they are now a totally unorganized, confused mess!  SoLow was standing up on her back legs at the back of the closet, peaking over the top of who knows what and still barking.  At least Sam was smart enough not to follow, probably because she couldn’t fit through the same holes that SoLow used.

After I quit laughing, I had to go tell Ed what she had done.  When I got back to the room, she had found a way out and was on Drake’s bed, front paws on the windowsill, staring up at the curtains.  What was she barking at?  She would occasionally jump down, run to the next room and jump on the edge of the bathtub and stare out THAT window for a bit, always returning quickly to the bed.  This went on for a while and I was starting to get very tired of her barking by this point!  Yes, you guessed it; the little wren was hidden on the window side of the curtains, hoping to get out. 

Now, your first instinct is to open the window, correct?  But remember, SoLow was leaning on that window with her front paws and I could just see her going out the window right after the bird!  Gotta get rid of the dogs first!  Have you ever tried to herd 2 hunting/working dogs away from their target?  It’s not easy, believe me!  I could pick SoLow up and put her in the hall but I wasn’t quick enough to get the hall door closed before she had snuck back in.  I had to put her down on the wooden floor and shove her down the hall before I could accomplish it.  Her little feet kept trying to get traction but, bless her heart, I got the door closed before she could get back in. 

Peace did not reign until early afternoon.  I assume SoLow quit barking and sniffing when the wren found the window but knowing how stubborn she is, maybe not.  Maybe she just finally gave up.  I love living in the country but I could really do without critters trying to get into my house.  What’s next?  A raccoon?  A ‘possum?  A snake?  No, wait; we’ve already had a green snake.  An armadillo?  A small deer?  Wild turkeys, maybe?  I’m not even going to take a guess!  I’ll just write about it when it happens.


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