ICE! In Grapevine, Texas, at Thanksgiving?

Ed and I went to the Gaylord Texan today with Drake’s friend, Misty.  We went to see the ice carvings, which are absolutely amazing!  If you have not been in previous years and you love Charlie Brown, this is the year to go.  Charlie, Lucy, Linus, they’re all there carved in ice.  The ice carvings are created by a group of very talented ice carvers flown in from China.  I don’t know if they are involved creating these Harbin ice and snow sculptures, but this show is a take-off of that one. 

Here is a link if you wish to see last year’s Chinese show:

Now this show is not as huge as that one but to this warm-weather Texan, it is just as fascinating.  All you do is bring a hat and gloves.  They supply you with the coat.  There are guides throughout the exhibit, always helpful, polite, and nice. 

Even the popcorn strung on the tree is made of ice!


Are we SURE we want to do this???

They even have an ice slide and Misty and I had a blast sliding down, seated on our coats.  And, yes, I must have my big purse, no matter where I go, and no, I usually do not carry 2 purses!  One of them contained our hats, gloves, and earmuffs.  I had brought extra, just in case.  You know me, I HATE being unprepared!

Hey, Charlie Brown! So sorry Snoopy won First Place in the Christmas decoration contest.


But even after we walked out of the exhibit, the show continued.  Remember the Charlie Brown character who wore glasses?  Now I know why you could never see her eyes, at least in the winter!


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