Daily Archives: November 15, 2010

A Picture of A Diseased Lung?

I heard a few days ago that the FDA wants to put pictures of diseased lungs now on cigarette packages.  Excuse me???  They already have a message on each package and now they want a picture too?  Where will this end?

What about pictures of a diseased liver on bottles of alcohol?  What about pictures of highway crashes on the sides of cars, trucks, 18-wheelers?  What about a severed arm floating in the water on the side of a speed boat?  What about the body of a suicide victim on a bottle of aspirin?  Where does it stop?  Ignorant people will still be ignorant.  Stupid people will still be stupid.  Blind people will still not look at the packages.  Vehicles will still have mechanical and electrical breakdowns.  Depressed people will find something else to help them out of their misery.  Does that mean we stop driving or, heaven forbid, stop living?  If you have an issue with teenagers smoking, drinking, taking over-the-counter drugs, and/or driving, then change the consequences for teenagers.

I am so glad that I no longer smoke.  I rarely drink.  I take aspirin on a weekly basis and I am constantly driving, it seems.  But in none of these cases do I want to restrict other adults’ behavior and I sure don’t want disgusting pictures mandated by the government.  If you want to smoke, go ahead.  If I don’t like it and it is a smoking area, I’ll move.  If you want to drink, go ahead.  If you impose yourself on me, I’ll nicely ask you to leave me alone and then kick you in the crotch if you don’t.  If you want to drive, go ahead but stay alert.  If you want to take an overdose of something, I can’t stop you.   I would try but as soon as I left, I know you have free will to try it again.  And as long as you respect the space my car is taking up, I’ll respect yours.  But I DO NOT want the government mandating disgusting pictures on a single product just because they think it is not healthy.  There are other things that are not healthy.  Would they put a picture of an obese person or a fat heart on your couch because you SHOULD be exercising?  GEE!!!