The Halleluiah Chorus

The Knight Foundation funds arts projects that promote not only the enrichment of certain communities but also the engagement of those communities.  They have art contests and help to digitize museum collections.  They also have the Random Acts of Culture program that brings fine art to the general population, instead of waiting for them to come to the fine art.

Well, you know me and music, right?  This video surfaced on YouTube and I dare you to watch and listen and NOT get goose bumps!  Yes, the music is Handel’s Halleluiah Chorus but this was actually performed this year on October 30th in Philadelphia, so you may see Halloween decorations at Macy’s.

They are helping to produce 1,000 of these Random Acts of Culture over the next 3 years.  My bet is that we see a lot more of these videos on YouTube and I’m looking forward to seeing them all.


3 responses to “The Halleluiah Chorus

  1. What a joy to watch and listen to people like this welcoming each other to the beginning of the holiday season! Truly inspiring!

  2. I have a very close friend who was in this. They brought the whole thing together with 1 rehearsal! There were several choruses/choirs involved, including at least 1 high school. My friend’s chorus said anyone who knew their part by heart could participate. It was absolutely mind boggling. I wasn’t able to attend, but sure wish I could have. This department store (an old local one, Wanamakers) has a wonderful pipe organ which gives a free concert everyday at noon.

  3. With the holiday season here, I really wish we had something like this down here in Texas. Not only would I love to see it, I would love to participate. What an emotional and uplifting experience that would be!