Daily Archives: November 21, 2010

Morning has broken…

Have you ever awakened early one morning and just relaxed in bed, watching your loved one sleep?  Most of the time, they look so peaceful, their muscles relaxed, frown lines smoothed out.  But if they are dreaming, I sometimes wonder what they are dreaming about, such as when their leg kicks out or their body twitches.  You can lean over and rub their back and they immediately seem to calm and breathe a little easier.  Keep rubbing and they tend to lean back toward you, enjoying the contact with you, even though they don’t know it and usually won’t remember it. 

When they start to awaken, you smile while you watch them stretch and work the night’s kinks out.  But then they roll over and snuggle into your side, not quite ready to face the long day ahead.  Pull them close, trying to keep the warmth, and snooze a little more yourself.  This, dear reader, is unconditional, non-judgmental love, freely given, not analyzed or considered, just felt and enjoyed.

It is also peaceful, this moment before the hectic day begins, yet all too soon, it’s time to get moving.  After a quick kiss on the cheek, get up, up and at ‘em!  Move, move, move!  Roll out of bed.  The very first activity is running for the back door to let them out before they can stop and pee on the floor.  Come on, unconditional love is one thing but during the day, you must deal with the realities of life.  Reality starts as soon as your feet hit the floor and the reality is that, after a long sleep, everyone has to go and the pets come first!  Yes, morning has broken and love reigns supreme.