Daily Archives: November 28, 2010

Shopping Heaven

I have found heaven! I hate shopping, as you well know. If I could afford a professional, personal shopper to do it for me, I would. “Here are my preferences. Go find me something to eat/wear/use!” Hah!  Nirvana!

The next best thing, though, is shopping online. You don’t have to walk around the store to gather what you want. There are no crowds. There’s no walking past all of those last-minute temptations. There are no lines at the checkout counters.  No hurting feet. No tempers. No frustration when that store is out of what you went after in the first place.  Many online stores now have free shipping.  This is very nice.

What’s even better? Shopping online and having the local store bag it up for me. I can stop by and pick it up at my convenience.  No walking around the entire store looking for something. No crowds.  No temptations.  No lines.  No hurting feet. No tempers. No frustrations. No waiting for shipping.  I can even separate personal from business expenditures.  Man, I love Sam’s Club!

Lazy, you say?  No, I’m not lazy.  I’m just saving my energy for something else, for something much more fun … such as, getting a massage at the Meadows Building … taking a trip … even cleaning out the indoor pond on the front steps on a cold, windy, icy day in the middle of winter!  Yeah, I hate shopping that much!