Chicago at Last

Ah, Chicago’s Union Station and only an hour late! When I worked here some years ago, we went there for lunch one day.  It has a great food court with lots of different places to eat.  But we didn’t stop at the food court this trip.  We were exhausted and really looking forward to getting to the Embassy Suites, sitting down on something that didn’t sway, and getting a shower!  No, I had not been prepared for putting on pajamas and taking a shower on the train, so I was very ready to collapse, change clothes, clean up, and have a Bailey’s with dinner at P.J. Clark’s in the hotel.

Thanksgiving Day in Chicago.  

Kay on State Street in Chicago on Thanksgiving Day, 2010

 We could’ve done a lot of things, such as watching the Thanksgiving Parade on State Street, but the first thing we did was to try and catch up on some sleep.  Yes, with a complimentary breakfast waiting for us, we slept in instead.  How boring but how great!  It really wasn’t all that cold either … for Chicago.  It hit 40 degrees and around noon, we took off walking toward Daley Plaza.  It seemed colder than 40 so we stopped along the way and got a cup of hot coffee.  Mmmmm.  Warming up the hands!  And you can’t leave home without forgetting something so we stopped by Old Navy on State Street to get socks.

Then it was on to Christkindlmarket in Daley Plaza, wandering among the tents and booths, seeing items from all over the world; beautiful Christmas ornaments in glass and wood, knitted scarves, hats, and shawls, beautiful embroidery dinner linens, and lots of food and sweets.  This place could definitely be a fattening place if you stayed any length of time!  This was their 15th year for having Christkindlmarket in Chicago and they had just had the Christmas tree lighting the day before.  It was festive and colorful and fun.  Soon though, I went looking for the one place I knew just had to be there … the eating tent.  It was there!  And they still had mulled wine!  We each went out to get some bratwurst for lunch, while the other one saved two seats at the end of a picnic table.  It was crowded, it was loud, but it was so good to be out of the danged Chicago wind. 

After lunch, Ed took lots of images of the Picasso statue, the tents, the huge Christmas tree, the hungry pigeons and me.  He found out how to take videos on his iPhone and he had so much fun that he completely filled up the memory Thanksgiving Day with videos and pictures.  I had to transfer them to my laptop the next day so he could take more.  Yes, we both carried cameras and I had a video camera but it is so easy to use the cell phone.

We had to get back to the hotel by 3 pm to watch the Cowboys so we took a cab back.  Ed watched “da Boys” and I took a nap.  Sorry, the Cowboys just don’t hold my attention anymore.  And I knew I needed a nap before we went to dinner.  No, bratwurst, even with mulled wine in a miniature Christmas boot, was NOT our official Thanksgiving dinner! 

Christkindlmarket in Chicago

… to be continued


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