Thanksgiving Dinner

“We can’t leave NOW!!!  The Cowboy game isn’t over!!!” 

Yeah, Ed wasn’t too pleased about leaving the game but we just had to go if we were going to make our dinner reservations.  Excuse me but if we are late for this dinner, they sail without us and we end of eating meatloaf at P.J.’s again in the hotel.  We were only 3 long blocks away from Navy Pier but we decided to take a cab, especially after walking so far that day to Daley Plaza.  I would’ve loved the walk but I really didn’t want to push Ed to walk that far in the cold again, plus we stayed as late as we could to watch the Cowboy game, so a cab it was. 

The cab let us out at the end of Navy Pier.   I knew I had seen the Spirit of Chicago ticket booth on previous visits but I couldn’t remember how far we had to walk.  It turned out it wasn’t as far as I thought but we still got kinda cold.  I stopped to pick up our boarding passes and Ed and the ticket clerk got to talking football.  She was a Cowboys fan so Ed found out the final score.  Since da ‘Boys had lost the game, I decided that dinner had better be extra special to make up for it!  

I had reserved window seats so that we could look out at the Chicago skyline.  The view was wonderful and there was a bottle of champagne already sitting next to our table.  Ok, this was starting out to be a great evening!  They brought us an appetizer but since we had waited so late to get there, we hardly had time to enjoy it before the buffet line opened up.  Thankfully, no mad dash when that happened.  They took us a few tables at a time and, yes, there was turkey.  The food selection was ok but I don’t think that’s what people go there for.   The view and the party were absolutely fantastic!  Well, the the strawberries and melted chocolate were pretty good too!

As it turned out, the wait-staff were also singers and did serenade us occasionally throughout the evening.  We didn’t have a live band but the DJ was good and I decided that I needed to learn how to wait tables and work on this boat.  This was the ultimate in karaoke and the singers were wonderful!  They only sang together one time and then they did individual songs after that.  They had great voices and stage presence.

In-between these songs, the DJ played dancing music; all different eras, all different genres, something for ALMOST everyone.  No hip-hop, acid, metal, punk, or rap, thank you very much!  The dance floor started out almost deserted but by the time we headed back toward Navy Pier, it was jammed and everyone was having a blast, even those of us watching and not dancing.

The low point of the evening was getting back to the hotel.  We docked at 10 pm and there were NO CABS at Navy Pier!  Now how does that happen???  We had a big boat of people and a lot of them wanted a cab.  Instead of just standing around in the cold … 25 degrees, no less … we started walking back, figuring that we would find a cab along the way.  It was only 3 blocks, 3 very L O N G blocks, as I’ve said before, and by the time we started seeing cabs, we were almost at the hotel.  Yeah, that’s right, cabbie, we just need a ride for one block.  Surely we could make it walking one more block!  We had walked farther to Christkindlmarket that afternoon but this walk was brutal!  I don’t think we thawed out completely until morning.  Ed was so cold and tired that he honestly thought he was going to die before we could get back to the hotel.  Yeah, how do I explain THAT to the kids, huh?  “We had a wonderful time tonight but I killed Dad on the way back to the hotel.”  That just would NOT have been a good conversation!  Thankfully, we did make it back and we both look back on the evening as a major success ….  ummm, don’t we, Ed???

Thanksgiving, 2010

                             … to be continued


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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun – and what a great picture!