Home At Last!

Sam was ecstatic to see us return from our Thanksgiving vacation, as was Stephi.  SoLow, on the other hand, was a little standoffish at first and really didn’t warm up until we got home.  I’m assuming that she finally realized that all of us were going to stay home together.  THEN she gave lots of kisses and got excited and playful. 

There was no one at the American Pet Spa and Resort who knew their likes and dislikes so I was really interested in the Vacation Report Card for Stephi, Sam and SoLow. 

–       They always looked forward to eating and always finished their meals … duh! … yet they weren’t protective of their food and shared with each other. 

–       They apparently were not nervous, aggressive to other dogs, or protective of their things.

–       They didn’t tear up anything, they liked to bark, and they felt cozy in their own room. 

–       On Saturday night, they “watched” the movie Snowdogs … yeah, right … and their favorite thing to do was to play with each other. 

What it all boiled down to was that they were a little shy, especially SoLow, which I would expect their first time in a kennel, but they were very sweet and loved to be petted.  Yeah, I probably could’ve told you most of that before we left, but it was nice hearing it from strangers.  They really are such good girls.

We still have not completely straightened up after we had the foundation leveled so the house is still a mess.  There still were dishes in the sink from the day we left.  Knowing it would be VERY cold while we were gone, we had left the heater on so the house was a little warm.  The girls apparently were so upset that we had left them for an extended length of time, that all three of them had their revenge by pooping all over the house the first night.  Yet it was SO good to be home.


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