No Fear of Feet

My dog has a foot fetish.  

When you sit down and cross your legs, your foot is usually dangling in midair.  SoLow takes that opportunity to run over, sit beside you, and rest her head on the top of your foot.  Whether you have shoes or not, she’s right there!  It doesn’t seem to matter if you just let your foot hang or bounce it because you’re bored; her head stays on the top of your foot.  The only time she will voluntarily move it is if you move your foot to rub her neck, chest, ear, or whatever.  The minute you stop though, her head is going back on the top of your foot.  You can count on that.

If you are lying down, she will lie beside you and rest her head on your foot.  She will sit forever while you use your toes to scratch her neck, ears, or chest.  She will actually lean against your foot if you stop scratching but, if you don’t resume, her head goes back to the top of your foot.

SoLow and Sam love to run and play together. It is so funny to watch SoLow trying to run at full speed and trying to grab one of Sam’s ankles at the same time.  I’ve seen her actually catch one of Sam’s ankles in mid-air.  Bless Sam’s heart, no matter how many times SoLow trips her and makes her fall, Sam never refuses to run at full speed while playing.

I’ve tried to think of the reasons she might do this but I haven’t come up with a definitive answer yet.  I’m betting it’s because your feet are the closest thing to her head and she sees them more than any other body part.  Plus, your foot is very convenient when she’s so tired that she just can’t bear to hold her head up by herself.  And, yes, she has been known to actually go to sleep sitting up with her head on your foot.  That is just adorable to see.  She’s like an exhausted two-year-old, with every muscle relaxed and only her head holding the rest of her body upright but still refusing to give up and go to bed.

It’s frustrating at times because you’re not expecting a little head to land on your foot while you’re sitting at the dinner table or relaxing on the couch.  But I’m secretly glad she enjoys it.  It just proves that no one has EVER kicked this dog.  She has no fear of feet.

Yeah, they don’t call Dachshunds “ankle biters” for nothing!


One response to “No Fear of Feet

  1. How cute. I have never seen anything like that.