They Found Her!

They apparently staged an accident with her car and, when she stopped, two of them somehow got her to let them in the car.  They forced her to go to three different ATMs and withdraw about $900 in total.  You can see the fear on her face in the ATM video.  Then they stuck her in the trunk of the car for 14 hours and drove to New Mexico.  Just across the state line, they released her for some reason and she started driving back to Texas, where the police recognized the car.

The police arrested the first criminal here in the North Texas area and the two abductors were arrested in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Why they turned themselves in after making a clean getaway, who knows for sure?  It will be interesting to watch this drama play out in the future.

So what can you learn from this?  We have been taught that you always stop when you have an accident.  Do NOT run from an accident.  We all would probably stop if this happened, just as she did.  I know I would.  But at 1 am on a dark country road, this is not a smart move.  Keep driving.  Go to a populated and well-lit area where other people can see you and hear you if you need help, but do not stop.  If you notice someone following you, do not go home, especially if everyone there is asleep.  Drive to the nearest police station instead.  Chances are that the bad guys will NOT stick around at a police station or anywhere where a security guard can assist you.

It is ingrained in us to follow the law; stop when you have an accident and pull off of the road if it is dangerous.  Usually that is the right thing to do but nowadays you need to use a little common sense.  Whether it is midnight or noon, if you feel threatened, do not feel embarrassed to ask someone for help and do not refuse to let a friend walk you to your car, just to make sure you are safe.  Times are not great right now and we may see more crime in the future if the economy doesn’t get better.  Take care and don’t put yourself in the same situation as this woman did.


One response to “They Found Her!

  1. You are so right – times have changed. It is not safe to be out alone – day or night and we need to be alert to our surroundings. And you know – it is sad.