Happy New Years!!!

So do you have a New Year’s resolution?  I quit making those things years ago because I never kept them.  What’s the point if you never keep them and you KNOW you’re not going to keep them?  I thought about making some this year but I really don’t have time to get ready for them.  You see, you have to do your prep work before you make a resolution otherwise you won’t keep it, guaranteed.  If you want to be serious about it, you have to start preparing, sometimes months earlier.  Ummmm, let’s see if I can give you an example or two.

If you smoke and want to quit, you can’t just wake up after a night of partying and not light up first thing.  You need to start working on quitting at least a month earlier, no matter the method you want to use.  That way, on New Year’s Eve, you can smoke all you want and, because you have been cutting back all month, it will totally make you sick to your stomach and, the next morning, you will SWEAR you’ll never smoke again.  Of course, it might have been the combination of alcohol, smoke, and way too much fun that made you sick but you can mentally tell yourself that it was the smoking and it’s so much easier to quit when you wake up on New Year’s Afternoon.

Say you vow not to miss all the important dates in the coming year, like your spouse’s birthday, your anniversary, your mom’s birthday, Valentine’s Day.  You’d better invest in a calendar program that will automatically send you emails, text messages on your cell, and/or voicemail messages, plus it should sync all of your calendars, no matter where they are; your cell phone, all of your email accounts, your office calendar, etc.  But you’d better also find one that will send multiple reminders and alerts.  The first alert should be at least 6 weeks before the date, so you have time to order something personalized and it won’t be late.  The next alert should be at least 1 week prior, so that you have time to get gift wrapping gear and a card.  The third alert should be the day before, just in case you totally forgot something.  The last alert should be 30 minutes before you the celebration, so that you can get everything set up just right and impress the heck out of everyone who is used to seeing your guilty look.  Setting all this up will take at least a few weeks to a month.  If any of those dates are in January or early February, it’s too late now to start on it.  What’s the point of having a resolution that you are going to break in the first month?

I thought this year of making a few resolutions.  The first one would be to handle my mom’s death a little better than I am.  Fortunately, the holidays are almost over and I know that I will grieve less in time.  I just can’t prep for that one!  I need to do more on getting Nonnie’s clothes out of her bedroom so that Drake will have a place to put his clothes when he moves in.  I think that opening a drawer and seeing his grandmother’s slips, undies, and pajamas would just be a little disturbing for him, so I really need to get my butt in gear on that one.  The only prep needed is to grit my teeth and do it and I know it will be easier after the holidays.  But these really aren’t resolutions to me.  These are things that need to be done and they will be accomplished in time and I’m okay with that.

I have become somewhat of a hermit these past few months so my resolution probably should be to get out of Argyle more and to see my friends and family more often.  But I started on this the first of December so is this really a New Year’s Resolution?  I don’t think so. 

I know!!!  My New Year’s Resolution will be to not allow myself to stagnate and I have already been preparing for that.  I have had two lunches with business buddies, breakfast with my best friend and her husband, one lunch and all-afternoon social with The Good Ol’ Girls Club and another one scheduled for January.  I have started taking singing lessons every Monday so that I can learn how to sing better and to extend my vocal range.  I am learning lots of new information but I have to tell you, singing a scale is BORING!!!  Not only that, my voice is absolutely horrible on the high notes.  I’ve always been a very low alto but this teacher has me singing all the way up to E, an octave ABOVE middle C.  Well, he calls it singing or practicing or some such; I call it torture.  Ed keeps asking when he can listen to me practice.  Hah!  If the dogs come running, sit and stare up at me when I do those high notes, I don’t think I’m ready for an audience quite yet, nor do I believe any human would want to sit through it.

Ok, I have one New Year’s Resolution and I’ve started the prep work for it.  So do you have a resolution this year?  If so, what will you be working on?  Maybe it is something that we can work together on?


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