I am SO tired of hate.  Hate in politics, hate in the media, hate in the general public.  Hate with violence is the worst.  What could’ve been so horrible that made the Tucson madman hate people so much that he wanted to kill them, starting with Gabbie Giffords?  With the current times and economic problems, it seems like none of us are safe anymore when we are in public.  Why?  Because we are not teaching the Rules of Living in Society anymore.

Do we have more people who do bad things than we used to have?  Or is our media just publicizing them more?  Or do we just have virtually instant communication?  I believe it is a combination of all those things.  As a nation, we have been so concerned with everyone’s rights and being politically correct that we are not safe anymore from the madmen, the terrorists, and the basically evil people in our world.  Most of us don’t want to hurt anyone.  All of us want to keep our families and friends safe.  But how do we accomplish that without taking away everyone’s rights?  Enforce the laws.  Enforce the laws equally.  Hold individuals accountable.

Yes, our jails are overflowing.  The courts are swamped.  Bureaucracy moves as slowly as molasses on a cold, winter day. What about those who threaten others?  What about those who incite others to riot?  … What about taking responsibility for our own actions instead of blaming others?

In elementary school, I learned quickly that it was wrong to threaten someone, it was wrong to lie, it was wrong not to do what your parents and teachers say to do, and it was wrong to cheat.  I had rights taken away, both in school and at home.  I got a spanking.  (Yes, I did)  I learned and I learned well.  But kids today are not learning that lesson in elementary school anymore.  By middle school and junior high school, bullies are learning how to get away with taunting and threatening others, and the parents and teachers and school administration are allowing it.  These kids are learning lessons they will use for the rest of their lives.  They’re not madmen.  They’re not evil.  They definitely are not terrorists.  They are just mean, taking advantage of adults, and they have not learned how to live in a congenial society.  It seems many people have not learned to take responsibility for their own actions.  “It’s not MY fault!”  Either that or we have become a nation of lazy, bureaucratic adults.

Do these kids deserve to be locked up with killers, madmen, and terrorists?  I don’t think so but what do you do with them until they learn their lessons?  I think they do deserve to lose their freedom, their rights, for a time but is jail the best option?  To start with, how about teaching students, starting in the first grade, the cause and effect of their actions?  Then hold EVERYONE accountable for what they do.  Personally, I don’t care if someone is a madman, a terrorist, evil, or just dumb.  The only question should be where to send them after they have done something wrong, according to the laws of our states and the federal government.  They should start learning the Rules of Living in Society in elementary school and should learn to abide by those rules their entire life.

Granted, at first, the jails would be even more packed, but over time, most kids would learn what they shouldn’t do in life.  Then, hopefully, only the mentally ill and the evil would be incarcerate long-term.

But who should come up with those rules?  Huh?  We might start with a cheat sheet of our laws.  Then again, there are so many of them, I don’t think it could be called a cheat “sheet,” anymore.  And you can’t legislate ethics.  We have tried to do just that through our laws but that hasn’t worked either.  So, any ideas? 

I’m so tired of hate but I don’t hate hate.  I’m so tired of listening to hate speech, but I don’t believe in repealing the Bill of Rights.  I am responsible for my actions.  I can turn the TV and radio off whenever I want to.    I can refuse to listen to those who want to get me riled up and I can refuse to repeat it.  So can you.  Without ratings, the media will lose out, not you and me.  But it takes all of us to make a difference.  Think about it, then let me know what you think and what you think we can do.  I’m really interested.


3 responses to “Hate

  1. I agree – it is sad to have to fear so much. I remember when it was safe for children to play at a park alone. I think the world is a meaner, more evil place now than it was when we were children or even when our children were young. A lot of it begins at home! So many parents are to busy, or do not want to be bothered, to discipline their children – and at school the teachers hands are tied because the parents do not want their children disciplined (spanked). Therefore, we are not teaching the younger generation to be accountable – only how to get away with whatever they want. It is sad – but I think it begins at home and at school – and will continue to get worse.

  2. I agree, Jen. And it’s sad that those people in power, whether it is in the school system, the state or federal government, do not see what has happened slowly throughout the years and refuse to change anything. I agree that it will continue to get worse because now it is the parents and grandparents who won’t take responsibility. By example, the kids are getting a double dose. If you throw in the federal government, who seem to blame the other party, no one today has any good examples to follow.

  3. I sure do agree with you, Kay. When I was growing up, if I caused trouble, it was MY fault. And if I did nothing to discourage the trouble makers, that was MY fault too. Education in living began at home.