Daily Archives: January 30, 2011

Human Nature or Habit?

Ed and I went to breakfast this morning at the Snooty Pig in Argyle.  Yes, that’s really the name of the restaurant and the food is good.  I can’t say much about their coffee but I have found few items on the menu that I don’t like, plus the people are great.  If you’re on a diet, don’t go there.  The temptation is too great to get chicken-fried steak, homemade biscuits, old-fashioned meatloaf, french toast, chicken and dumplings … you get the idea, don’t you?  Comfort food, at its best.

Usually we get a booth in our favorite section.  If we must, we’ll take a table in that section, just to get my favorite waitress.  I sit facing the kitchen; Ed sits facing the front door.  That’s just habit, I know.  We’ve always sat in those seats and I don’t see a reason to change now.  I just didn’t realize how much of a habit it had become.  It felt strange facing the front door.  For someone with ADHD, it was VERY distracting.  Not just people coming in, there were staff members flitting around, refilling coffee, removing plates, checking people out at the front desk.  But there are also cars driving by in the parking lot.  Across the highway, there are trains going by.  That is a BUSY place!

One thing I noticed also is that most couples sat the same way we did.  Women facing the back and men facing the front door.  The place was full but there were only 2 couples sitting reversed.  What does this say about the genders.  It’s got to be something retained throughout the millennia in our genetic makeup.  The men face the door to watch for signs of approaching danger?  The women face the kitchen so they know when the food is on the way and they can prepare?  I honestly don’t know the reasoning, but from now on, I do know I will be watching to see if this was just a fluke.  When you go out to eat, watch and let me know what you find.