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Lunch in Southlake

Yesterday, there was a Good Old Girls Club lunch meeting in Southlake at Rockfish.  The food was wonderful and the company was even better.  We talked so much; I’m really surprised we tasted the food.  One of us had the lunch salmon; one had the fish ‘n chips; and one had the crab cakes appetizer with a side of coleslaw.  Each one of us commented on how good the food was.  I bragged so much to Ed that he wanted to go for lunch today.  I wasn’t hot to make that drive yet again but the food really sounded good.  In fact, I started drooling when he just brought Rockfish up.

I have to tell you that spending a Sunday afternoon sitting outside on the sidewalk, talking, nibbling on great seafood, and people-watching was fun and oh, so peaceful.  It reminded me of working in Chicago, when I would stop on the way to the corporate apartment after work, sit outside and eat dinner, watching the Chicago crowd pass by.  A nice breeze was blowing today.  There were lots of families walking by but no screaming kids.  People were all ages and all ethnicities, usually toting a shopping bag from some store or a to-go container of food. 

There was even one man with a 9-month-old Newfoundland, a HUGE dog, and a young son.  “Please tell your dog that I’m a friend, ok?” Ed said to the man.  “The dog is very friendly but you’d better watch out for the boy,” he replied.  He was smiling when he said it but no, he wasn’t kidding.  I can’t remember when I’ve seen a more active little boy.  Even Drake wasn’t THAT hyper!  He climbed on the restaurant metal fence and crawled along the top of it to one end.  THEN he turned around and crawled back the way he came and crawled on top of his dad, almost knocking his dad’s cap to the ground.

Son would pound on the dog and the dog just kept looking around at people walking by.  It never seemed to bother her at all.  The only time I heard her bark was when Mom, who had met them in front of Jamba Juice, walked a few feet away with her son so that she could try to get him under control.  One bark, that’s it.  It didn’t startle the Mom or make her move any faster but the dog kept watch until she and her son got back to the table.  

Meanwhile the dog was a magnet for people just walking by, especially children.  They ALL had to stop and pet this huge, brown gentle giant.  No, I didn’t pet the dog but I sure wanted to.  She was beautiful and fluffy.  I did notice that Ed reached out and petted her back while she was sauntering by our table.  I was jealous.  Did I mention that she was absolutely beautiful and fluffy? 

If you are in the Southlake Town Center area, there are a few restaurants with outdoor seating.  Enjoy the peaceful setting now while the weather here in Texas is not too hot and not too cold, but just right.  It won’t last long, believe me, and it’s SO worth it.


The Weekly Synopsis

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Australia – New Zealand – NZ

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A Busy Week

What a week!  I went back to the dentist to get the old fillings on the left side of my mouth fixed.  I didn’t realize just how much they could deaden everything inside your mouth!  The inside of my cheek, … Continue reading

A Budget for Alien Abduction Investigation?

Ron Paul???  Seriously???  Please!!!  At the CPAC going on right now, Ron Paul won the straw poll for President for the 2nd year in a row.  Are you serious?  I KNOW he’s a Texan but that does not mean that most Texans, even Texas Republicans, would vote for him.  Unless the Dems put up Daffy Duck or Goofy, Ron Paul could not win.  I know I wouldn’t vote for him.  Where do the people who attend CPAC come from?  That does not give me any sense of respect for anyone attending CPAC.  I wouldn’t want to be associated with that straw poll.

In a recent Fox News poll, President Obama would win over the straw poll runner-up, Mitt Romney, 48% to 41%.  I’m not sure what that says about either one of them but so far I wouldn’t vote for any of the front-runners, Republican OR Democrat.  I’m just not sure that any of them have gotten the message yet that they work for us and that their power rests with us and not strictly within the Washington beltway. 

I have to live within a budget.  Texas has to live within a budget.  Businesses have to live within a budget.  A budget includes the money you have and the credit you are approved for.  Up until recently, credit has been relatively easy to get.  Nowadays, though, personal and business credit is difficult to get so we are forced to live on the money we have.  We can’t even rely on the assets we own anymore because few can afford and would want to buy what we may need to sell.  Yet the Federal Government doesn’t have this stipulation. 

One thing I do know … Even though I am conservative, I will not be looking at the results of the CPAC straw poll to help me decide on a candidate.

Cash for Plug-ins???

First Cash for Clunkers, now Cash for Plug-ins? Excuse me? I just got a hybrid not long ago and NOW the President wants me to junk it and get an electric car? Has he lost his mind? Not only is this ridiculous, it’s stupid! Unless he is trying to convert all-gas cars to all-electric, it just doesn’t make sense.

Also, with all the debt the US Government has, e.g. WE have, why is he trying to use my tax dollars to help private enterprises instead of using my tax dollars to help pay off the debt? If he really wanted to help the environment, promote bicycles and mass transit, not individual cars. If he wants to promote electric cars, let him give private companies a tax break on each electric car they sell and let him promote research to make electric cars better. Otherwise, I think his plan means that now I can get a free/nearly-free electric golf cart to putt around the farm. Do I REALLY need that? NO. Do YOU want to help pay for that? NO. Why should you? Why should I?

Didn’t he learn the first time he tried something like this??? At least I could understand trying to get old, polluting gas-guzzlers off the road.  But, if I remember correctly, wasn’t the Cash for Clunkers program used for things like golf carts?  I just cannot understand trying to push this country toward a solution that most people don’t seem to want. If they did, there would be more of a market for them and we may get there at some point. Now just doesn’t seem to be the time.

A Filling

I hate going to the dentist.  I hate anyone messing with my teeth.  I hate pain.  In fact, if you hurt my mouth, I tend to bite first and apologize later. 

Kay, 1963

In the 5th grade, my parents decided that I had Bugs Bunny front teeth and needed to go see an orthodontist.  I wore braces on my upper front teeth for the next 7 years.  I am convinced that the only reason I got them off was because I refused to wear them when I graduated from high school.  At one point after that, I had a case of TMJ.  The dentist ground down my teeth so they fit together and that relieved the symptoms but, of course, my teeth were then super-sensitive. 

Years later, after I was married, I got caps on my front top 4 teeth to cover up the decay that had occurred right above the braces back in high school.  Yes, I had distinct lines across my front teeth and I was very uncomfortable with that, along with having very sensitive teeth.  Those “lines” were very deep in the enamel.  I rarely smiled big, showing my teeth.  Oh, I smiled a lot, just not with my mouth wide open.

I went to the dentist regularly until my dad passed away but  I missed my regular appointment that year and finally went in about 6 months later.  The tech cleaning my teeth bitched at me for not coming in at my regular time and continued to gripe the entire time she had her hands in my mouth.  Did I ever mention that I do have a temper?  When aroused, it will smolder for a long time beneath the surface but watch out when I’ve had enough.  The dentist came in afterwards and said my teeth looked good but why had I not come in earlier.  At least he asked!  I told him my dad had died, that his tech had bitched at me the entire time and that I would not be back.  I didn’t go back.  Yes, I know, I’m stubborn.  I haven’t been back to a dentist since then.  That was early 1989 and my teeth have done just fine since then…

Kay, 2010

…at least until last month, when I had part of a back tooth break off.  It didn’t hurt but I was afraid that it would get worse over time so I sucked it up and made an appointment with Ed’s dentist.  Ever since elementary school, I have had this severe paranoia about seeing a dentist.  I freak out just walking in the door so I had a lot of trepidation about going this time. 

Well, guess what?  No one griped at me, much less bitched at me.  In fact, the dentist said my teeth looked great considering how long it had been.  It was not part of my tooth that had chipped off however.  It was an old filling from when I was a kid that had fallen out.  Well, let’s see, about 40 years?  Yeah, it might be time to get a new one.  After checking all my teeth and taking x-rays, they found that I had quite a few that needed replacing after all these years.  Oh, joy.

Today was my first appointment and they only worked on the right side thankfully.  I wasn’t as freaked out as I used to be.  He didn’t hurt me.  He was kind and gentle and, as unlikely as it seems, I actually fell asleep while he drilled out the holes and refilled them.  Asleep???  Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either.  I must’ve been ill and didn’t know it because I also spent most of the afternoon sleeping on the couch.  The gums are no longer deadened now but they don’t really hurt that much. 

I go back on the 17th for the left side.  I’m not that upset about going this time though.  I may even start going back regularly.  Of course, I don’t actually get them all formally cleaned until March 1st.  Ummm, wait a minute.  Just brushing my teeth has worked well so far.  Why would that change now???  I don’t wanna rush things.  Maybe I’ll wait for a while to decide if I want this to become a habit or not.   (big breath)  I’ll have to get back to you on that.