The Snow Continues

No, there’s really nothing new to report.  It’s still in the single-digits at night.  We still have snow.  Now, some of the snow has turned into ice on top of the snow so it’s kind of slippery in some spots. I’d take more pictures but the view hasn’t changed all that much from the other day. 

What has changed is that I am now BORED!!!  There are things I could be doing around the house but I don’t want to do them.  I’ve been rooting through old boxes, drawers, closets, and bookshelves, looking for things to donate to Goodwill.  I could continue that activity.  I could rearrange the accessories in the living room, clean off my desk, move the treadmill from one room to another, etc.  The good thing about living in the country is that we don’t have to shovel the snow so that’s not even on the table, but it might be fun, just because it’s something I usually don’t have to do.  Crap, now I’m REALLY bored!

Yesterday I resorted to posting some old pictures, just to have something interesting to do.  Now I’m thinking about going to Snapfish and creating a book.  One page for every age that I can find good pictures of Ed, me, Drake, Kim and Lee, showing what we all looked like at the same age.  That would be fun but, my goodness, where would you start?  There are pictures all over the place and only some of them are digitized.  Not only that, Drake is only 28 but soon he will have a birthday.  Maybe I should wait until he hits thirty and THEN put the book together.  No, that would be like trying to hit a moving target.  Not good enough.  The project would never end.

Hmmm.  I really need to scan some family recipes and put them in a book format.  That would be fun.  I could give family recipe books out to the whole family next Christmas.  All of the recipes are in one place so it would be easy to find them all.  Well, maybe not.  I don’t have my flat scanner set up yet on my laptop.  Do I really want to get into that right now?  Naw, not really.

Hmmm.  I could give the dogs a bath.  That wouldn’t be fun but it really needs to be done.  They are starting to stink with that wet-dog smell.  But what would you expect when their bathroom is outside and there’s snow all over the place?  Not to mention that I would have to towel dry them and THEN blow-dry them, since it’s too cold for them to go wandering around the house wet.  Never mind.  Too much effort.

I could ask Ed to build a fire in the fireplace and then we could just sit and veg out on the couch, with the dogs snoozing in-between us.  Ok, that’s getting closer.  Oh, hell, I think I’ll just take a nap!


4 responses to “The Snow Continues

  1. Hey! I like the idea of a fire! We haven’t done that since….since…oh, yeah, that guy came by and showed us how to rub two sticks together and get the thing going….let’s give it a try!

  2. Sigh… I’d have to clean off the front of the fireplace first. Let’s do it tomorrow. It’s time for bed now anyway!

  3. Glad you’re enjoying the snow! But those of us up here in NJ, PA, DE, etc; ask that you keep your storms down there. Seems like everytime it snows here, the storm originates somewhere in the south.

  4. lol Lou! The snow usually doesn’t start down here in Texas! Blame Oklahoma or New Mexico. Or blame Canada for sending the cold air our way. It’s not OUR fault!!! Oh, wait. That sounds like something my son would say. Never mind. Dallas just got another 6 inches this morning and we’ve had about 2 with maybe another 1 inch on the way. Sorry, it’s coming your way too.