Cash for Plug-ins???

First Cash for Clunkers, now Cash for Plug-ins? Excuse me? I just got a hybrid not long ago and NOW the President wants me to junk it and get an electric car? Has he lost his mind? Not only is this ridiculous, it’s stupid! Unless he is trying to convert all-gas cars to all-electric, it just doesn’t make sense.

Also, with all the debt the US Government has, e.g. WE have, why is he trying to use my tax dollars to help private enterprises instead of using my tax dollars to help pay off the debt? If he really wanted to help the environment, promote bicycles and mass transit, not individual cars. If he wants to promote electric cars, let him give private companies a tax break on each electric car they sell and let him promote research to make electric cars better. Otherwise, I think his plan means that now I can get a free/nearly-free electric golf cart to putt around the farm. Do I REALLY need that? NO. Do YOU want to help pay for that? NO. Why should you? Why should I?

Didn’t he learn the first time he tried something like this??? At least I could understand trying to get old, polluting gas-guzzlers off the road.  But, if I remember correctly, wasn’t the Cash for Clunkers program used for things like golf carts?  I just cannot understand trying to push this country toward a solution that most people don’t seem to want. If they did, there would be more of a market for them and we may get there at some point. Now just doesn’t seem to be the time.


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