The Weekly Synopsis

Monday: my weekly singing lesson.  I’m getting better and better.  I’m practicing the glottal attack now and strengthening my vocal chords.  I actually hit high C without going into my head voice.  I felt like they could hear me all the way down to the Meadows Building but, by gosh, I hit it!   Where that change occurs, going into my head voice, is what my teacher uses to determine what to call me.  So far, I’m still a contralto but I think he called me mental also.  No, no, that’s right.  He said it was a mental problem that was preventing me from going from one register to another one without losing volume.  Yeah, I can belt the notes until I slip into my upper register, when it pretty much goes to a whisper and he says there’s no reason it should.  Just something else for me to work on.  I have quite a list at this point!

Tuesday: Sonya came over to clean the house.  Thank you, Sonya!!!  She brought the carpet-washing machine.  Now I don’t want the dogs in the house so it stays clean for a while.  But it didn’t take long for them to wheedle their way in the door!

Wednesday: Finally, a quiet day at home.  Well, my pantry is now organized so it wasn’t exactly a peaceful day at home but it was quiet.  Ok, it wasn’t quiet at all!  I got a phone call from the Meadows Building that they turned on the heat and there was smoke in the front of the building again.  They looked at the heating unit but couldn’t see where the smoke was coming from.  9-1-1 showed up, only to tell the tenants that the first time you turn on the heating unit after it is installed, it usually smokes, just open the doors and it will go away.  Geez!!!

This was the first day that our handyman, Ken, actually saw 2 Canadian geese fly in and land on the new pond.  I’m so glad.  Nonnie was really looking forward to that!  And Ed saw a little doe right outside a stand a trees near Nonnie’s house.  It bolted for the trees when Ed drove up but it’s nice to know that the deer are still in the area.

Thursday: A day trip to Palestine … Texas, that is! 

Friday:  3:30 am and SoLow is waking me up???  Crap!  Why couldn’t you go to the bathroom BEFORE we went to bed, SoLow!!!  But I was wrong.  She ran to the back door and there were 2 BIG raccoons in their yard, not 3 feet from the door.  Apparently, they had pushed the plastic dog food container off the top of the goat food bucket.  The pin came out of one hinge on the back and dog food spilled out.  They just stood there eating the dog food and staring at us, as we were looking out at them.  Yes, I opened the door and brave little SoLow charged out at them, with Sam right behind her, growling and chasing as fast as they could go. The raccoons didn’t eat much but I decided to let the girls stay outside and guard their own dog food.  Unfortunately, I was then awake and it took me a while to fall back to sleep.

We had a wonderful lunch with our dear friend Misty.  Ok, ok, she went to school with Drake and we kind of adopted her because they are still good friends and she is just a sweetheart.  She has the red hair that I always thought I should’ve had.  My temperament just needed red hair, for some reason!  Lol  Her birthday was this week so a birthday lunch was in order.

Saturday (tomorrow):  The Good Ol’ Girls Club meeting!!!  Woo-hoo!!!  I’m so excited!!!  Southlake has become a good, center location to meet.  It’s going to be a while before we run out of restaurants in the area, which is good. 

Sunday (day after tomorrow): Another quiet day at home, I hope.  This time I think I’ll hit the storage space for spices.  I’m betting I find spices in there from the 80’s, just because things get pushed to the back and moved up a shelf as new spices are added within easy reach. 

Peaceful days are good.  I just hope Sunday is also a quiet day!  No more fire alarms please!!!


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