Lunch in Southlake

Yesterday, there was a Good Old Girls Club lunch meeting in Southlake at Rockfish.  The food was wonderful and the company was even better.  We talked so much; I’m really surprised we tasted the food.  One of us had the lunch salmon; one had the fish ‘n chips; and one had the crab cakes appetizer with a side of coleslaw.  Each one of us commented on how good the food was.  I bragged so much to Ed that he wanted to go for lunch today.  I wasn’t hot to make that drive yet again but the food really sounded good.  In fact, I started drooling when he just brought Rockfish up.

I have to tell you that spending a Sunday afternoon sitting outside on the sidewalk, talking, nibbling on great seafood, and people-watching was fun and oh, so peaceful.  It reminded me of working in Chicago, when I would stop on the way to the corporate apartment after work, sit outside and eat dinner, watching the Chicago crowd pass by.  A nice breeze was blowing today.  There were lots of families walking by but no screaming kids.  People were all ages and all ethnicities, usually toting a shopping bag from some store or a to-go container of food. 

There was even one man with a 9-month-old Newfoundland, a HUGE dog, and a young son.  “Please tell your dog that I’m a friend, ok?” Ed said to the man.  “The dog is very friendly but you’d better watch out for the boy,” he replied.  He was smiling when he said it but no, he wasn’t kidding.  I can’t remember when I’ve seen a more active little boy.  Even Drake wasn’t THAT hyper!  He climbed on the restaurant metal fence and crawled along the top of it to one end.  THEN he turned around and crawled back the way he came and crawled on top of his dad, almost knocking his dad’s cap to the ground.

Son would pound on the dog and the dog just kept looking around at people walking by.  It never seemed to bother her at all.  The only time I heard her bark was when Mom, who had met them in front of Jamba Juice, walked a few feet away with her son so that she could try to get him under control.  One bark, that’s it.  It didn’t startle the Mom or make her move any faster but the dog kept watch until she and her son got back to the table.  

Meanwhile the dog was a magnet for people just walking by, especially children.  They ALL had to stop and pet this huge, brown gentle giant.  No, I didn’t pet the dog but I sure wanted to.  She was beautiful and fluffy.  I did notice that Ed reached out and petted her back while she was sauntering by our table.  I was jealous.  Did I mention that she was absolutely beautiful and fluffy? 

If you are in the Southlake Town Center area, there are a few restaurants with outdoor seating.  Enjoy the peaceful setting now while the weather here in Texas is not too hot and not too cold, but just right.  It won’t last long, believe me, and it’s SO worth it.


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