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I’m In Heaven!!!!!

Baseball Season!!!!! Woo-hoo!!!!!  I am definitely in heaven! Everyone needs to keep the Texas Ranger schedule handy. That way, when I do NOT answer the phone, you’ll know why!

Seriously, I AM that much of a Texas Ranger fan and I’m not that much of a fan of any other sport, so I’m looking forward to having some decent sports to watch on TV.  The news is depressing most of the time, what with the non-wars going on, the economy, the protesting, and politics.  My favorite shows are now doing reruns.  I don’t feel like cleaning the house or cooking … but then, I never feel like cleaning the house or cooking!

I will have to schedule my vocal practice but I can practice whenever I want to; at 7 am if I feel like it … well, except for those days when the Rangers play on the west coast, of course.  I must be able to stay up late on those days!  And I don’t think the pets will be upset if I feed them mid-afternoon occasionally for an early game, do you? I just can’t think of a single problem.  Wait!  Maybe I shouldn’t have said that.

So, here’s the schedule this week. I would suggest not calling me during these times but, if you must, remember that I may be very distracted during the call, IF I answer at all!  And if we hit a home run … well, don’t hold the phone that close to your head, just in case!

Red Sox at Rangers, Rangers Ballpark in Arlington:

    • Fri, 4/1, 3 pm, on ESPN and FSSW
    • Sat, 4/2, 7 pm, on FSSW

Let’s Help Everyone In The World!

What did he say???  I’m sorry but the only thing I understood in President Obama’s speech was that he was trying to answer his critics … from all sides … and said absolutely nothing!

I have a theory and his speech just reinforced what I thought.  I think that he wants to look good, by helping people.  I can understand that.  I would like to help lots of people too but I just don’t have the extra cash to give some to every homeless person in this country.  This country doesn’t have the extra money to help the world either.  But he just set a precedent that we will help every country being ruled by a dictator who has brutalized his/her own people.  What happens when the next country demands our help via the UN? 

He does NOT want to take the blame for anything that goes wrong however.  That’s why he left on the trip to Brazil and sent Sec. Clinton instead to meet with the world leaders on Libya.  If it doesn’t go well, he can just blame it on Clinton and Gates for not running it well, for not being on the same page.  Now we’re going to turn it over to NATO.  Oh, great.  Now, if it doesn’t go well, he can add NATO to the blame-game.  It’s not HIS fault!  He gave general instructions and everyone else screwed it up!

So far, it looks like he thinks everything is going just fine.  We’re helping lots of people from genocide.  That’s true, but what happens if the rebels don’t win and Qaddafi stays in power?  Who do you think Qaddafi will retaliate against?  Yes, his own people would be first in line but then he would go after US.  If that happens, it’s NATO’s fault for not helping the freedom-fighters enough. 

If the freedom-fighters win, who takes over power?  Is there anyone strong enough to rule that country?  I don’t see anyone stepping up to the plate yet.  That means almost any organized group can come in and take over the country and we could be in a much worse situation than when Qaddafi was in power.  Then it’s still NATO’s fault for not sending people in to help set up a democratic republic. 

If WE had taken the lead, we would’ve handled it a lot differently!  Yes, Pres. Obama would have to take the credit OR THE BLAME for everything.  I may not have agreed totally with Pres. Bush, but at least he took a stand and everyone knew what he thought.  I can’t figure out exactly WHAT Pres. Obama is thinking … except that he wants to help everyone in the world … at our expense!

Wall Street, banks, unions, community groups, the government, terrorism or treason?

I am just amazed at the audacity of people in this country.  It was reported by a former SEIU employee that there are people who actually want to bring Wall Street and banks down.  They want to destroy them.  They want to distribute the money they have to the U.S. masses.  Well, excuse me, but part of that is MY money and I don’t want it all going to people I don’t know.  If I’m going to give my money away, it will be to people in need whom I love.  I don’t want anyone else coordinating home owners and students to default on their loans.  I sure don’t want yet another financial crisis in this country!  I don’t want the U.S. economy destroyed.

I just don’t understand why anyone would go along with this proposal.  The average American stores their money in a financial institution of some kind.  Whether they know it or not, chances are really good that their retirement funds are in the stock market.  WHY would they want to destroy both their life today and their future?  This just makes no sense to me.  The only people who wouldn’t be hurt, in this case, would be those who get paid in cash and have no retirement savings.  For others, I guess they could take all of their money out of the bank before they default on their mortgage and/or student loans.  Regardless of how you get paid, at least you have a job, right?  If you do, and if the company you work for has checking and savings accounts, you could be jeopardizing your job to boot.

Think about it; it would be a personal nightmare if this were to happen.  Whether you are in a union or not, when the economy starts failing, you could end up in deep doodoo!  Assuming you have your paycheck automatically deposited to your financial institution and a retirement fund, this could definitely be a possibility:

You take all your money out of the bank and close your account so you don’t lose what you’ve already got before you voluntarily default on your student and/or mortgage loan.   Then you have to notify every commercial entity you use that any automatic draws will no longer work and that you will be paying in cash.  If the commercial entity is local, that’s ok; you just have to stop by every time a payment is due to pay it.  But if it is NOT local, that means that you have to get money orders or send money through the mail.  Ouch!  Sending cash through the mail is dangerous, since there is no money trail proving you paid.

And what if you forget one?  Or someone took the cash you mailed in that envelope?  Or what if your company’s bank doesn’t have enough ready money to pay everyone this month?  Crap!  Then you’ll be hit with late fees!  If it is a credit card, you’re really messed up because chances are good that they will raise their rate.  Your credit will suffer and you will have to live this way for at least the next 7 years, without missing any payments.  If you do miss one, the 7 years starts all over again!

With all the extra time, money, and trouble you will be spending, you probably couldn’t afford to eat, much less to pay any union dues anymore. So you will need a second job … or a third  or fourth.  But can you find a second, third or fourth job?  Chances are that most companies won’t be hiring if our economy is in the dumps!

So is defaulting on your mortgage or student loan really worth it?  Don’t get me wrong; I was in a union, years ago.  Yes, I was a telephone operator and part of my paycheck automatically went to a union.  I’m not against unions per se.  I am against, however, those people who are explicitly trying to cause our financial downfall here in the United States by organizing unions and community groups.  As far as I’m concerned, this is economic terrorism at the least and treason at the worst.  By trying to destroy our economy, they might as well be trying to take down the government as well.  Neither one can succeed if the other fails.

Hi, my name is Kay. How is Ed?

Ed continues to improve, gaining strength back after the surgery.  Knowing how close he came to a possible stroke, I am amazed at the speed of his recovery.  Surgery on Friday afternoon,  release from the hospital after lunch on Saturday, breakfast at the Snooty Pig on Sunday morning with Misty, and back to regular activities on Monday, including driving a car.  In—credible!

This week has been very, very interesting and I have had a wonderful trip back through memory lane.  We are going to pave the parking lot down at the Meadows Building.  Since we need more parking, I would like to empty and then tear down the old, tin garage down there.  I got a storage building up at Nonnie’s house and we have been going through the old garage, moving stuff I want to keep to the storage building, throwing away the termite-ridden wood, recycling old metal, and dumping what is just totally un-salvageable.  My goodness, the things we have found!

An old recipe book of my great-aunt’s, plus her old reading glasses

  • A Ford Model A User Manual from the 1920’s
  • From the old Meadows Grocery,
    • Two old, wooden counters filled with drawers
    • two counter stools
    • lots of short platforms used as stepping stools and for displaying weekly specials
    • a metal Camel display rack
    • the old cash register
    • two glass display counters
    • A multitude of post office boxes, both metal and wood, and customer windows from the old post office in the Meadows Grocery building
    • The Admiral refrigerator, the kitchen table, dishes, bowls, and cooking utensils from the Meadows Grocery kitchen
    • A wooden trunk full of Nonnie’s toys, journals, and autograph books
    • An old cane rocker
    • Old hand-woven baskets
    • Old bed frames, mattresses & box springs, a dresser and chest of drawers, with personal items and sewing patterns still inside
    • Two old sewing machines
    • Various tables and chairs from various decades

There are just too many items to remember them all.  Unfortunately, most of the wooden items were falling apart, literally, from termite damage but some of the less-damaged items I am going to keep and see if they can be repaired.  I can’t believe all the heavy red oak counters are now mostly destroyed.  I am just thrilled to have the items worth keeping and will not mourn the ones we have to throw away.  I can at least protect the items we have left.

One fond memory, for which I am teased by older family and customers: 

I used to sit on the stools behind the check-out counter when I was a little girl and wait for customers.  I’m quite sure that Nonnie would put me there to contain me, but I don’t remember that part of it.  When a customer would enter, I would smile and say something like, “Hi, my name is Kay.  Who are you?”

I may have lost many things, but I still have those two stools.  And I think I have that precocious child in me still, even after all these years.

Surgery Update and a Special Visitor

I am SO tired!  It has been a long day but it has also been a good day.  Daughter Kim met Ed and me at Denton Regional Hospital today around 9:30 a.m.  We both left about 6:15 tonight and, except for a few hours during the midday for lunch, we spent the majority of our time in the surgery waiting room … waiting.

Ed was taken for surgery about 1:10 pm and by 3:50, I was getting a little antsy.  They estimated an hour and a half to two hours for the surgery.  What was taking them so long???  Geez!  We got to talk to the surgeon about 4 pm and he explained that Ed was special.  The carotid artery branches off usually about mid-neck into the inner and outer carotid arteries.  Ed’s branch was higher up the neck and so there was more to clean out and the patch had to be placed closer to the skull than normal.  It just took a while but everything went just fine, Dr. Cruz said.

If all looks good tomorrow morning, Dr. Cruz could let Ed come home as soon as 10 am.  I’ll have to check my schedule and see if I will be available that early in the morning.  It’s been a long day and I am beat!  Ed may have to wait until tomorrow afternoon.

YEAH, RIGHT!!!  Like that would happen!

Meanwhile, on the home front, I heard a loud bang tonight and peaked out the back door to see a cute little visitor trying to get into the dog and goat food.  After knocking the dog food off the table and being unsuccessful in opening that container, the raccoon then got back on the table and checked out the goat food.  The dogs are now outside guarding it, panting to get another view, a smell, and maybe a little bite of tail as the raccoon goes up over the fence!

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My New Country Song

I have decided to write a country song. I don’t think I ever really believed the old songs that talked about the songwriter’s dog dying, the truck being stolen, the house burning down, and the spouse leaving ‘em. I mean, really??? If all that happened to me, I don’t think I would be writing a song about it!

Well, on the other hand, maybe I’ve got my own song to write this week. It might go something like this:

My son’s mad at the world and he won’t call.

Hubby’s been using me for a walking cane, so he won’t fall.

My old dawg quit eatin’ and then she passed.

What a week this has been! Geez, how long can it last?


When I stopped by Mom’s house, I set off the alarm.

The Meadows Building is costing a leg and arm.

Dog Sam has a danged infection; allergies are just that way.

Goat Bob likes to head-butt me and that’s on a good day!


Friday afternoon, to surgery Hubby will go

To fix his pain in the neck … and mine too, you know?

Termites have invaded Mom’s storage barn and garage.

What more can go wrong? Surely, it’s all been a mirage!


Suggestions, Trust and Judgment

I thought we had found the problem and the solution but, nay, not so.  I have blamed Ed’s health issues in the past year on many things, from drinking too much caffeine and alcohol to COPD.  I’m starting to think that it was a combination of problems and we are finding them little by little.

He started out just having problems with not being able to walk very far without having to stop and rest.  If he stood up and immediately started walking, he tended to get dizzy and sometimes ended up on the floor.  He learned to stand up and get his bearings before starting to walk.  When the symptoms didn’t get any better, he took a breathing test for Dr. John and we found that he was not taking in enough oxygen.  Yes, he failed a breathing test!  He apparently was breathing just fine but wasn’t getting enough oxygen into his system.  Ok, AdVair, Theophylline, and Ventolin were prescribed.  It seemed to be working … at least for a while.  It definitely helped.

Unfortunately, the symptoms returned and kept getting worse.  Recently, he blacked out after standing.  Yeah, that was definitely a new twist.  To say that family and friends were worried is definitely an understatement.  Last week, he went back to see Dr. John and was scheduled for an MRI on his head, a chest x-ray, and an echo-something on his carotid artery.  It really didn’t take that long today but it felt like it took all day long!

It seemed to go just fine until the last test, the echo-something.  The technician had difficulty getting a good reading for the Right ICA.  Grrrr.  I hate acronyms!!!  That stands for the inner carotid artery on the right side.  The technician brought in the senior technician and just couldn’t get a really good picture.  There was a severe constriction of the carotid artery and they talked with Dr. John before letting us leave, just in case he wanted another echo-something or an MRA done.  He didn’t so after 3 pm today, we went and grabbed lunch at Frilly’s Seafood.  Good stuff!!!

We don’t know what Dr. John will recommend but Ed has another appointment set up for this Wednesday, when Dr. John can explain what our options are and the risks associated with them.  In researching WebMD online, there are at least 3 possible recommendations:

1)    Change lifestyle habits, such as avoiding weight gain, a healthy diet, increase exercise to at least 30 minutes most days of the week, and limit alcohol.

2)    Take medications as prescribed, which Ed is already doing now, for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and a daily aspirin.

3)    Improve blood flow, such as CEA (Carotid endarterectomy), which means they surgically remove the plaque and sew the artery back together, OR CAS (Carotid artery stenting), which means they enter through the groin, use a balloon to open the blocked artery, and place a small stainless steel mesh tube inside the artery to hold it open.  The CAS is the newer treatment option and one that I think I would prefer since it is less invasive and is permanent, but there is a controversy about how much it helps. 

We’ll just have to see what Dr. John suggests and trust his judgment.  I’ll write more after Wednesday when we know more.