Let’s Help Everyone In The World!

What did he say???  I’m sorry but the only thing I understood in President Obama’s speech was that he was trying to answer his critics … from all sides … and said absolutely nothing!

I have a theory and his speech just reinforced what I thought.  I think that he wants to look good, by helping people.  I can understand that.  I would like to help lots of people too but I just don’t have the extra cash to give some to every homeless person in this country.  This country doesn’t have the extra money to help the world either.  But he just set a precedent that we will help every country being ruled by a dictator who has brutalized his/her own people.  What happens when the next country demands our help via the UN? 

He does NOT want to take the blame for anything that goes wrong however.  That’s why he left on the trip to Brazil and sent Sec. Clinton instead to meet with the world leaders on Libya.  If it doesn’t go well, he can just blame it on Clinton and Gates for not running it well, for not being on the same page.  Now we’re going to turn it over to NATO.  Oh, great.  Now, if it doesn’t go well, he can add NATO to the blame-game.  It’s not HIS fault!  He gave general instructions and everyone else screwed it up!

So far, it looks like he thinks everything is going just fine.  We’re helping lots of people from genocide.  That’s true, but what happens if the rebels don’t win and Qaddafi stays in power?  Who do you think Qaddafi will retaliate against?  Yes, his own people would be first in line but then he would go after US.  If that happens, it’s NATO’s fault for not helping the freedom-fighters enough. 

If the freedom-fighters win, who takes over power?  Is there anyone strong enough to rule that country?  I don’t see anyone stepping up to the plate yet.  That means almost any organized group can come in and take over the country and we could be in a much worse situation than when Qaddafi was in power.  Then it’s still NATO’s fault for not sending people in to help set up a democratic republic. 

If WE had taken the lead, we would’ve handled it a lot differently!  Yes, Pres. Obama would have to take the credit OR THE BLAME for everything.  I may not have agreed totally with Pres. Bush, but at least he took a stand and everyone knew what he thought.  I can’t figure out exactly WHAT Pres. Obama is thinking … except that he wants to help everyone in the world … at our expense!


3 responses to “Let’s Help Everyone In The World!

  1. Do you realize this is the first time in history the Arab League, NATO, and the UN Security Council ever agreed on anything? That was a diplomatic miracle. President Obama is fiercely holding to his positions that we will combine diplomatic and military strength, as well as that of coalition-building.

  2. I did not waste my time listening to him – because I cannot believe what he says.His words do not match his actions.

  3. Helen Murphy

    I so agree with you, Kay, although from a UK perspective. We seem to jump in to anything and everything without working through the consequences. The big IF for me is what happens if the rebels win..? I didn’t realise there was anything wrong in Egypt until the uprising began – I thought Mubarak was one of the stable influences in the Middle East. Anyway the rebels won after constant media coverage on our TV. Just the other day pushed away in the corner of the newspaper I noticed rebels had gathered in the main square again because they didn’t agree with what the interim government were proposing and so it goes on !!!! And now we have Musa Kusa turning up on our doorstep and instead of being arrested for the Lockerbie bombing he is in talks with our government !!!!!!!!!!!