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We brought Stephi home to die …

… and she was a good girl to the end.

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Stephi quit eating last weekend and had a dramatic loss of weight.  Sam gained most of the weight she lost because Sam was eating Stephi’s food.  I took her to Vet Kelly Harrington last Tuesday and pleaded with her to keep Stephi alive for a few more months, just until Drake got home.  They got her to eat but she wasn’t drinking enough water so they kept her for a few days.  She quit eating midday on Thursday.  By Friday, she was no longer responding to them at all. 

Vet Kelly said she thought Stephi might’ve had a stroke.  She didn’t have the energy to get up and when they would stand her up, she just sunk back to her side. There was no recognition in her eyes at all.  We picked her up Friday afternoon and brought her home to die with us.  We could’ve let Vet Kelly put her down but, even if she didn’t recognize it very much, I wanted her to die in familiar surroundings, with Sam and SoLow at her side.

We placed her on the bed she used to love, hiding under my old desk, peeking out at the world.  Occasionally, she would try to get up so I thought she might like to go outside for a while.  I think she really enjoyed the breeze ruffling her coat, and seeing the birds and the blue sky for a while.

Our friend Ken and his son came and dug a grave for her out behind the house.  We live on a rocky hill and this was not an easy task.  They said their good-byes to all the dogs but Ken’s son gave Stephi a lot of attention when they left.  I don’t know that Stephi even knew what was going on, but I knew and I really appreciated the effort and kindness of both of them. 

She went through a period last night when she would move her head and make strange noises, almost like she was dreaming and trying to bark but she didn’t look she was in any pain, just restless.  Vet Kelly had given me pain medication, similar to morphine for dogs, and I made sure she wasn’t hurting.  Ed and I both spent a lot of time with her last night, calming her and trying to keep her comfortable.  I laid down beside her about midnight and fell asleep petting her.  Around 1:10 am, I awoke and found that Stephi had slipped away while I dozed next to her on the floor.

I buried her this morning, after letting Sam and SoLow say their good-byes.  She is placed so that she can see the house, Sam and SoLow in the dog yard, the goats, and the rising sun.  She was our little princess, our first Sheltie, a good girl.  She will be missed.  Drake will be upset that he missed saying good-bye but I gave her a special finger-wave especially from him.

We love you, Stephi Lynn.


Spring Cleaning?

OMG!  I’ve been Spring Cleaning!  Why didn’t someone tell me that’s what I was doing!!! Argghhhhh!!!  It all started with my closet, moved to the dining room,  and has now progressed to the kitchen. 

I’ve cleaned out the food in the pantry.  There is other “stuff” in there and I’ll go through that soon but at least the food is now organized.  Yes, I now know that we have 2 cans of spinach (yuck!), 4 large boxes of instant white rice, and lots of snacks.  I think this means stocking up on certain items and sharing some items with Drake when he moves into Nonnie’s house.

I’ve cleaned out the spice cabinet and I was right; I found one item in there from 1981.   1 9 8 1 ? ? ?  Yeah, that was before Drake was born and we lived in Denton back then, so I obviously brought this specifically to our new house in Argyle.  What do you use Allspice for anyway???  Whatever you use it for, we obviously don’t cook it at home. 

My spice cabinet is now almost empty.  How do you end up with 3 small bottles of garlic powder, all partially used, and 2 huge bottles, both unopened?  That was just the garlic powder.  I found almost the same thing for cinnamon.  We obviously are blind when searching the spice cabinet and it’s easier to replace than to really search for something.

I did find out that most spices really don’t go bad so those little Sell By dates don’t mean much, in most cases.  Most spices just lose their taste and smell over time so the best way to check all of those little bottles is to smell them.  Have you ever tried to go through your spice cabinet smelling your spices to see how aromatic they are?  The common rule is: if they smell like cardboard, they will taste like cardboard.  That means that I opened and smelled every bottle, box, and tin in my cabinet.  After a while, I think they all start to smell the same!

Where did all the spicy spices go?  The Cajun spices Nonnie and I brought back from New Orleans?  The powdered jalapeno peppers?  The can of Greek spices?  Oh, yeah.  I remember.  Drake took them to his apartment.  He’s the cook of the family.  He loves learning how to put spices together and experimenting.  He has cooked the most incredible stuff for us.   Man, do I look forward to him getting back home and we’ll have an organized kitchen ready for him when he does. 

But I refuse to call it Spring Cleaning.  If you keep it organized all year long, you don’t need to do Spring Cleaning, right?  At this rate, I just may turn into a … ahem … housewife.  Geez, I can’t believe I just said that!!!  The next thing you know, I’ll be planning meals, cleaning the tub, sweeping the back porch.  Nawww, I’ll never get that bad off!  Surely not.  

I did notice though that there’s a lot of crap under the sinks in the guest bathroom.  Where did that all come from, I wonder?  It won’t take but a few minutes just to look through it.  (big sigh)  Ok, never mind.  Just sit down and watch the news.  The guest bathroom can wait.  It’ll still be there in the morning.  😀