S L O W and then busy!

I know I’m starting to slow down on my blog and that’s a shame.  I enjoy writing and this is good therapy for me.  But my life seems too slow at times and way too fast at others.  Just to keep you all updated on what’s going on with us:

  • Ed is still having issues with getting dizzy so he’s been taking his blood pressure daily to kind of narrow down what’s going on with him.  I don’t know if it’s the monitor we bought or what but his blood pressure seems to be all over the map!  He’s going for another carotid artery scan and to see the vascular surgeon for the results tomorrow morning so we may know more then.
  • We got the old garage down by the Meadows Building cleaned out and torn down and that’s been an interesting voyage.  I found a cigar box full of old college stuff, an old picture, and a bunch of old letters.  This little box must be from the mid to late 60’s.  Why it was kept all these years, I can imagine.  Why it was kept all these years in a drafty, old tin garage, I have NO idea!  But I’m so glad that I can get it back to my cousin Gus.  I really think he and Rae will enjoy going through it all.  Although what he will do with a box of lab slides, I have no clue!
  • My best and oldest friend Jen was diagnosed with breast cancer.  While this is upsetting, they did seem to find it early and it was only the size of a pencil eraser, she says.  Anytime the “C” word is used, people tend to freak out, but they have come so far in treating this disease that I’m really more concerned with her husband’s health.  But they really didn’t need this complication right now and it’s so easy to get depressed when there are multiple, simultaneous problems.
  • My daughter and her husband are now the caretakers of a brand new baby, Jeryn.  I’m sure that I will be writing much more about this little bundle and the changes it will bring to the family.  No, I am not a grandmother yet.  I refuse to think that way until their status changes from caretaker to parent.  Yet you can’t help but fall in love with this 6 lb. 5 oz. adorable little boy.  Ed and I saw him for the first time yesterday and I can’t tell you how many memories it reawakened in us.  Drake was that small when he was born and just as adorable.  And cuddling Jeryn felt so natural.  I always felt that the best thing about becoming a grandmother was the ability to give the baby back when the fussing began.  Jeryn didn’t fuss.  I didn’t want to give him back either!
  • I am now going through all of the books in our living room.  Why?  Because the bookcases are full and because I can!  We have 37 years’ worth of books, plus the books we inherited from various ancestors, and I KNOW we don’t need them all.  Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten rid of too many so far but I’m hoping that will change soon, otherwise we will be looking for yet another bookcase!  The good part is that we are seeing many books that we even forgot we had!  And I am culling out some books for the kids so that they can enjoy them.  I’ve even found some that invoked a “What were we thinking?” response.  Those are actually the most fun to review … at least for me.
  • And I’m continuing my singing lessons.  I have decided that I HATE spring and spring allergies!  Do you realize how hard allergies make it to sing???  Not to mention that, when you start singing high notes, it opens up your sinuses even more.  Now I know why I have always concentrated on singing low alto!  Yet I’m really enjoying the learning and my range is getting much larger.  I’m even starting to feel comfortable singing in my head voice.  Man, is THAT an accomplishment!!!
  • Ken is building another storage shed, this time at my house.  With luck, that will be completed this week and I can start moving stuff from the garage and house out there.
  • I can’t miss the Texas Rangers games!!!

I intend to start writing more often and I plan on creating a website for The Meadows Building, so that people will know what businesses are located there.  With luck, I can link to the City of Argyle webpage and they will link back to mine.  At least this will be added to my list of things to do, along with the other activities listed above.  It looks like it’s going to be a busy week!  Woo-hoo!!!


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