A-fib? Umm, maybe not?

After all of that research on A-Fib may have gone to waste.  We got the stress test results back on Ed and his little ol’ heart is just lookin’ good.  That’s great, right?  Yeah, that’s the good news.  The bad news is that we still have no answer as to what the problem is.  Yet we may be getting a little closer to the final answer.

Ed wore a heart monitor for 24 hours last week and we just got the results back this afternoon.  They showed that Ed’s heart occasionally beats way too slow, sometimes up to 2 seconds between beats.  Yeah, that may be a problem …..

We go back to see the cardiologist next Tuesday, late afternoon, to see what the doctor suggests doing next.  Meds?  Pacemaker? We have no clue but whatever he suggests, we will do.  I promised Drake that I would take care of Ed, Nonnie, and his favorite dog Stephi until he gets back.  We’ve already lost Nonnie and Stephi.  We will do what the doctor says for Ed.  I have no intention of letting Drake down on all three promises.

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