Happy Mother’s Day!

To every mother out there: Happy Mother’s Day! 

Kay and Nonnie

This is my first Mother’s Day without my mom and I’m feeling a little down.  I sure do miss her.  She was opinionated and, sometimes, a royal pain in the a$$, but I loved her.  She demanded a lot from everyone around her but it wasn’t any more than she demanded of herself.  She was stubborn and really pushy when she wanted something but she usually got her way, right or not.  Our politics were almost exactly opposite of each other and we learned not to discuss them unless we were just looking for an argument, which we sometimes did just for the fun of it.  I miss those times. 

I miss the trips we took together, just the two of us.  If you really want to get to know someone, spend three weeks with them non-stop, in a single car, staying in the same tiny room with a miniscule bathroom, constantly together.  We did just that in the UK, driving through England, Wales, and Scotland, taking ferries and trains to and from Dublin.  We met the Duke of Argyll.  We sang as we drove around Loch Lomond.  We teased each other about seeing the Loch Ness Monster and told Drake that we thought we did see one. 

I wanted to see Hadrian’s Wall but I found out that, even in mid-July, it’s darned cold in Scotland and especially at Hadrian’s Wall.  When we arrived there, I told Nonnie that we really didn’t have to make that stop but she wouldn’t let me back out of it.  We dressed up in every sweater, coat, gloves, hat and socks that we had and STILL froze our butts off walking through those ruins!  We laughed about that for years and I’m so glad she made me stop and get out of that car!  Someday I will make Drake take that trip with me so he can see where his ancestors came from.  Ok, ok, I want to make him freeze his butt off to see those ruins also.

Drake will not be here for this Mother’s Day either so it will just be Ed and me this year.  I can sleep late if I want to.  In fact, I don’t have to get up at all, if I don’t want to.  What I wouldn’t give, a few years ago, to be able to do that and not feel guilty about it!  Most years, I usually spent Mother’s Day traveling to some project somewhere.  This year, I just miss my mom and my youngest son. 

If you still have her, never take your mom for granted or feel that she will always be there for you.  Give her big hugs and spend some alone time with her.  Take a trip, just the two of you, and really get to know her.  Tell her just how much you love her and depend on her having your back.  Tell her how much you are proud of the woman she is and the person she helped you become.  Tell her one thing that you’ve never told her before.  Laugh a lot and enjoy that closeness with her.  There are so many people in the world that can’t do that, for many reasons, so count yourself lucky if you can and have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

4 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. This is so beautiful…had to share it with my sister, Lisa. We are all facing the “first” Mother’s Day without our moms, we are all struggling a bit and your post helped. Thank you, dear Kay, for sharing. I love you.

  2. Kay,
    Thank you for writing such a beautiful tribute to your mother. Your words truly touched me as I was reflecting on some of the same feelings this M

  3. ( continued from last post) this Mother’s Day. It was a difficult day, but I am thankful for the wonderful memories that I hold in my heart. Thank you Kay for writing such a beautiful tribute to Nonnie and also making us stop to think about how lucky we are having memories to reflect upon. XOXO

  4. Thank you both for the kind words.